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SAP C_HANATEC_17 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which tools can you use to start and stop an SAP HANA database? Note: There are 3correct answers.

A. DBA cockpit 
B. SAP HANA application life cycle management (HDBLCM) 
C. HDB command 
D. SAP HANA cockpit 
E. Sapcontrol 

Question # 2

What are the two features of the storage engine in the SAP HANA index server that enabledata consistency and maintain durable changes? Please choose

A. Metadata Manager and Transaction Manager 
B. Page Management and logge 
C. Column Store and Row Store 
D. Session Management and log Volumes 

Question # 3

Which parameter do you set to protect an SAP HANA database system againstuncontrolled queries that consume excessive memory? There are 2 correct answers to thisquestion.

A. memory_tracking 
B. statement_memory_limit 
C. reject_memory_threshold 
D. total_statement_memory_limit 

Question # 4

Which backup types you can schedule using SAP Hana cockpit 2.0. There are 2 correctanswers to this question.

A. Delta Backup 
B. Backup of Configuration files 
C. Data Backup 
D. Data Snapshot 

Question # 5

Which tasks must you perform to convert a single database to a multitenant databasesystem? There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Set the password for the system database user. 
B. Create an operating system user for the converted tenant database. 
C. Trigger the conversion in the SAP HANA cockpit 2.0. 
D. Generate the system database before the conversion. 

Question # 6

What must you do to convert an SAP HANA 1.0 single database system to an SAP HANA2.0 multitenant database system?

A. Export/import application and customer data 
B. Upgrade the SAP HANA database system 
C. Execute the SUM database migration option with system move 
D. Create the system database manually 

Question # 7

Which connection types are allowed when you use system replication with the Active/Activeoption? There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Automatic round-robin statement routing 
B. Explicit read and write on the secondary system 
C. Explicit read only on the secondary system 
D. Implicit hint-based statement routing 

Question # 8

Which components of SAP HANA Indexserver allow clients to connect and communicatewith the SAP HANA database? Please choose the correct Answer:.

A. Request Processing and Execution Control 
B. Relational Engines 
C. External Interfaces 
D. Storage Engine and Disk Storage 

Question # 9

Your customer has security restrictions that prohibit direct SQL connections from your PCto the productive SAP HANA system.Which tools can you use to monitor the system alerts of the SAP HANA database from yourPC? There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. SAP HANA studio 
B. DBA Cockpit 
C. SAP NANA cockpit 2.0 
D. HDBSQL command line tool 

Question # 10

You suspect an authorization issue while executing SAP HANA reports that containcalculation views. How do you configure the authorization trace? There are 2 correctanswers to this question.

A. Specify the name of the table/view. 
B. Select INFO from the System Trace Level for the Indexserver component and thenselect AUTHORIZATION. 
C. Specify the user as the database user. 
D. Select INFO from the System Trace Level for the Preprocessor component and then select AUTHORIZATION. 

Question # 11

Which backup scenarios are allowed in multitenant database containers? Note: There are 2correct answers.

A. The system database can initiate its own backup and the backup of tenant databases 
B. A backup of a tenant database can be recovered to an SAP HANA single-containersystem 
C. The system database should be recovered first in order to recover the tenant databases 
D. A tenant database can initiate its own backup unless this is prohibited by the systemconfiguration 

Question # 12

Which kinds of patches are available in the SAP HANA2.0 revision strategy? Note: Thereare 2 correct answers.

A. Feature Package Stack 
B. Datacenter Service Point 
C. Support Package 
D. Support Package Stack 

Question # 13

Which system privileges do you require to view roles that are granted to other users? Note:There are 2 correct answers.


Question # 14

What is a prerequisite before you can install SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 as a central monitoringtool for productive SAP HANA databases?

A. A dedicated server with at least 16 GB RAM with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 
B. A central SAP HANA database 2.0 with SAP HANA extended application services,advanced model (XS Advanced) installed 
C. A central SAP HANA database 2.0 SPS05 multitenant database system with at least 16GB of RAM 
D. SAP Netweaver 7.5x on SAP HANA 2.0 with ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) and SAPFiori installed 

Question # 15

You need to rename a tenant database using the Manage Database app in the SAP HANAcockpit. Which prerequisite do you require? Note: There are 2 correct answers.

A. The tenant database must be on one host 
B. The tenant database is stopped 
C. You have the DATABASE ADMIN system privileges 
D. The system database must be on the master node 

Question # 16

What is the correct minimum requirement for log volume and/hana/shared/ file system foran SAP HANA database system? Please choose the correct answer.

A. For 256 GB system, Log volume = 128 GB,/hana/shared/ = 256 GB 
B. For 512 GB system, Log volume = 512 GB,/hana/shared/ = 256 GB 
C. For 1 TB system, Log volume = 1 TB,/hana/shared/ = 1TB 
D. For 2 TB system, Log volume = 1 TB,/hana/shared/ = 1TB 

Question # 17

Where is SDI used? There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Data transformation 
B. Data cleansing 
C. Data streaming 
D. For data loading 

Question # 18

Which best practices do you apply when you optimize the table distribution in a scale-outSAP HANA database?There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Table partitions can be distributed over all nodes. 
B. The row store can be distributed over all nodes. 
C. Cross-node joins must be avoided. 
D. The columns of a table can be distributed over all nodes. 

Question # 19

Which tools can you use to monitor the response time of individual SQL queries? Note:There are 2 correct answers.

A. SQL Trace 
B. Statement Monitor 
C. SQL plan cache 
D. Thread Monitor 

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