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Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Dumps

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Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A nonprofit wants to collect information online about volunteers who are new to the nonprofit, including names and contact details, skill sets, and availability. The nonprofit already uses NPSP and Volunteers for Salesforce and wants to create a report with this information. What are two ways the consultant can meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Collect contact information during job sign up via Job Listings. 
B. Attach emails from volunteers with their information to Contact records. 
C. Set up a Personalized Volunteer Page on the nonprofit's website. 
D. Add the Volunteer Sign Up form to the nonprofit's website. 

Question # 2

The requirements for a Salesforce implementation have been gathered, but there are teams with competing priorities and the overall project goals are undefined. What are two reasons a project team must define goals? Choose 2 answers

A. Goals guarantee executive engagement. 
B. Goals provide a way to measure and prove results. 
C. Goals define a clear purpose for the project. 
D. Goals catalog all of the teams' pain points. 

Question # 3

A consultant is migrating historic donation records into a nonprofit's Salesforce org. Many of these donations were paid in multiple installments. Whatshould the consultant do to correctly match the Payments to the Opportunities?

A. Set the Stage field to "Closed Lost". 
B. Delete the automatically created payments. 
C. heck the Do Not Automatically Create Payment field. 
D. Change the Opportunity record type to an excluded value. 

Question # 4

A nonprofit using NPSP wants to track all donations that go to a designated fund. How should a consultant meet this requirement?

A. Create an Opportunity record type called "Funds". 
B. Create a General Accounting Unit record for the designated fund. 
C. Create a custom object to track fund accounts. 
D. Create a GAU Allocation record for the designated fund. 

Question # 5

A nonprofit wants to segment its constituents based on their donations from the prior fiscal year. The nonprofit wants to include only onetime gifts it received. Which NPSP feature should the consultant use tomeet this requirement?

A. Advanced Mapping 
B. Levels 
C. Customizable Rollups 
D. Engagement Plans 

Question # 6

A nonprofit is implementing Salesforce for program management. The nonprofit wants to measure user adoption after go-live. What are two metrics the nonprofit can use to measure user adoption' Choose 2 answers

A. Number of Opportunity records created in the last 30 days 
B. Number of Account and Contact records created in the last 30 days 
C. Percentage of staff logging in on a weekly basis 
D. Percentage of Leads converted on a weekly basis 

Question # 7

A nonprofit wants to integrate its existing proprietary event management system with Salesforce. Thenonprofit wants to automatically send event and attendee data from its external system and create Campaigns and Campaign Members in Salesforce on a daily basis. What should the consultant recommend?

A. Use a middleware tool to integrate the external systemwith Salesforce. 
B. Use NPSP Batch Data Import to schedule regular Imports from the external system. 
C. Use Salesforce Connect to integrate the external system with Salesforce. 
D. Use NPSP Data Importer Templates to import the necessary data. 

Question # 8

The development director wants all users to only see Engagement Plans on Opportunity records for donations with an Amount greater than 10,000. How should this be accomplished?

A. Add the Related List - Single Lightningcomponent to the Opportunity Lightning page. Add a component visibility filter to display the Engagement Wan when the Opportunity Amount field is greater than 10,000. 
B. Create a tab and associate the Engagement Plan object to the tab. Add the Related ListSingle Lightning component and set it to Engagement Plans. Give read access for the Engagement Plan object to all profiles. 
C. Create a custom Lightning component that displays all Engagement Plans. Add the component to the Opportunity Lightning Page. Assign the Lightning Page as the Org Default and Activate it. 
D. Add the Related Lists component to the Opportunity Lightning page. Set the component visibility filter to ensure the Opportunity Amount field is greater than 10,000. Assign the page to the development director's profile. 

Question # 9

The event manager for a nonprofit organization periodically imports a cleaned, structured list of event registrations. Now should the consultant set up the TDTM Trigger Handlers?

A. Disable Opportunity Contact Roletrigger handlers. 
B. Disable TDTM for specific users. 
C. Disable the Trigger Handler using Apex instead of TDTM. 
D. Disable TDTM for all users. 

Question # 10

A Salesforce admin would like to report on data from Marketing Cloud using Salesforce reports. The organization's Marketing Cloud instance is using Marketing Cloud Connect.Tracking is enabled. Which type of data is available for reporting using Salesforce reports?

A. MobileConnect Message details 
B. Journey Builder Activity details 
C. Interaction Studio Impression details 
D. Email Studio Send details 

Question # 11

A nonprofit wants to manage a new program In Salesforce. What should the consultant recommend as the first step before embarking on a new implementation project?

A. Set up an implementation timeline and delivery plan. 
B. Identify the challenges the nonprofit is currently experiencing. 
C. Review data in a .csv file and begin mapping to existing fields. 
D. Audit existing standard and custom objects and fields. 

Question # 12

A nonprofit organization wants to add any donor who gives to its Capital Fund to the Capital Campaign. Which twosteps should be taken to accomplish this?

A. Populate the Primary Campaign Source field on the Opportunity record 
B. Upload a list of all donors as Campaign Members using the Data Import Wizard 
C. Enable the Automatic Campaign Member Management in NPSP settings 
D. Create a trigger that automatically adds any donor as a Campaign Member 

Question # 13

A nonprofit wants to convert from Legacy Recurring Donations to Enhanced Recurring Donations. What are two considerations the nonprofit should take into account before making theswitch? Choose 2 answers

A. Enhanced Recurring Donations introduces a new custom object. 
B. An ETL tool is required to revert to Legacy Recurring Donations. 
C. All existing integrations should be reviewed for compatibility. 
D. Reverting to Legacy Recurring Donations is unsupported. 

Question # 14

A user has reported an error when trying to merge two contacts using NPSP Contact Merge tab. Which two issues are the likely cause of the problem? Choose2 answers

A. A unique external Id was kept from the non-master contact. 
B. The contacts must be in the same household to merge. 
C. The user needs to have delete access to the contacts being merged. 
D. The NPSP Duplicate Rule was set to Warn instead of auto-merge. 

Question # 15

A nonprofit has asked a consultant to configure Lightning Record Pages to optimize the user interface. Which two resources should the consultant use to ensure the nonprofit staff are upto date on the latest Salesforce platform features and best practices? Choose 2 answers

A. Salesforce Known Issues 
B. Trailhead 
C. Power of Us Hub 
D. Salesforce Help 

Question # 16

A nonprofit needs to send automated renewal emails on a 30/60/90/180-day cadence. Each email templateneeds to be different based on the members' website visits.Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Pardot 
B. Apex 
C. Workflow 
D. Flow 

Question # 17

A nonprofit hired a consultant to restart a stalled implementation. The nonprofit identified needs by documenting its Salesforce vision and pain points, and by defining specific goalswith userstories. What are two components of a user story the nonprofit should consider? Choose 2 answers

A. Align each story to the implementation vision. 
B. Associate an epic to each story. 
C. Assign a priority to each story. 
D. Include configurationinstructions on each story. 

Question # 18

A nonprofit processed a donation, and then the donor asked the nonprofit to also credit their spouse on that gift. Assuming standard NP5P configuration, what should a consultant recommend to satisfy this request?

A. Create an Opportunity Contact Role for the spouse and mark it as primary. 
B. Create an Opportunity Contact Role for the spouse and set the role to Soft Credit. 
C. Clone the Opportunity and set the primary contact to the spouse. 
D. Enable AutomaticSoft Credit for household members in NPSP settings. 

Question # 19

The admin at a nonprofit is implementing Salesforce Shield in its org to enable fieldplatform encryption. What are three NPSP considerations when implementing Shield Platform Encryption?Choose 3 answers

A. The NPSP Data Import object supports encryption of all fields in the import batch. 
B. If the Role Name field is encrypted on the NPSPPartial Soft Credit object, the nightly Soft Credit rollups fail. 
C. The NPSP MergeContacts list button on Contact list views will fail if the Contact Name is encrypted. 
D. Fields on the NPSP Address object can be encrypted, but encryption is unavailable for address fields on the Account and Contact object. 
E. NPSP Data Import is unable to perform Custom Unique Id matching on Accounts and Contacts with an encrypted field. 

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