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Oracle 1z0-343 Dumps

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Oracle 1z0-343 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Your client is interested in using Sales Transfers to record the movement of goods between warehouses.How is Inventory committed when you enter a Sales Transfer order?

A. Shipping Branch/Plant: SO/WO soft commit. Receiving Branch/Plant: On PO
B. Shipping Branch/Plant: In Transit. Receiving Branch/Plant: On PO
C. Shipping Branch/Plant: SO/WO soft commit. Receiving Branch/Plant: Other Quantity 1
D. Shipping Branch/Plant: SO/WO soft commit. Receiving Branch/Plant: In Transit
E. Shipping Branch/Plant: In Transit. Receiving Branch/Plant: In Transit

Question # 2

Your client and their supplier have an agreement that the supplier will not send invokes. Your client will pay the supplier based on what they receive. How should you set this up to ensure that the system processes this supplier's invoices according to the agreement?

A. Set the Supplier Cross-Reference code to process evaluated receipts.
B. Set the processing options In the Voucher Match program to allow Evaluated Receipts Settlement.
C. Set the Evaluated Receipts field In the Purchase Order Entry program to Y.
D. Process only EDI-generated invoices.
E. Set the Evaluated Receipts field In Purchasing Instructions to Y.

Question # 3

When setting up Kit Items in E1. how does the system store those items?

A. Inventory tor Kit Patents Items is stored In a dedicated Kit's location.
B. The system stores the parent items in the F41021 file and adds text lines for the components during sales order entry.
C. The system does not carry inventory tor the parent Item; the parent item simply represents all components bundled together 05 an assembled Item and only components are stored in the system.
D. The system creates a Work Order for the Parent Item and when the work order is completed, the inventory is updated to a specific location where the sales order can be hard committed.

Question # 4

Your client uses an Order Policy Code of 0 (Reorder Point) to calculate suggested order q

A. Suggested Order Quantity = Reorder Point - (Quantity Available + On Order)
B. Suggested Order Quantity = Economic Order Quantity + Multiple Order Quantity - Quantity Available
C. Suggested Order Quantity = Amount in Value Order Policy field on Manufacturing Data
D. Suggested Older Quantity = Reorder Point t Safety Stock - (Quantity Available - On Order)
E. Suggested Order Quantity = Economic Order Quantity + Reorder Point (Quantity Available + On Order)

Question # 5

Your client has situations where sometimes Customer Service Representatives (CSR) need to enter a sales order and then come back to it later to resolve client questions, add more information or lines, and so on.What Is the correct way to handle this request?

A. Add Order Activity Rules and then use Speed Status Update to advance the order.
B. Create an Order Type for this type of order with its own Order Activity Rules. Then create a version of the Pick Slip program to process these orders.
C. Create a Line Type that does not affect inventory levels and then have the CSR change it to an S line after all issues are resolved.
D. Create a hold code that the CSR adds at order entry and then removes when the order Is ready to progress.

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