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Nutanix NCP-5.15 Dumps

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Nutanix NCP-5.15 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator is creating a new windows VM in AHV after migrating its data from ESXiWhich two parameters should be set identically to the VM settings in ESXi? (Choose two)

A. Screen resolution
B. Host Affinity
C. vCPU core
D. memory

Question # 2

An administrator installs Nutanix-specific PowerShell cmdlets. The cmdlets fail to run.Which two requirements should the administrator verify first? (Choose two)

A. Windows 2016 r2 or later is installed
B. The cmdlets have the proper permissions
C. PowerShell 2.0 or later is installed
D. .Net Framework 4.0 is installed
E. Python 2.7 or greater is installed

Question # 3

An administrator is migrating workloads to a nutanix cluster. While the Nutanix cluster is ingesting data from the migration, the utilization of the SSDs increases, periodically drops to approximately 75% utilization, then continues to increase.Which Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) concept is causing the behavior? 

A. Redundancy Factor 2 (RF2)
B. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
C. Virtual Machine Snapshotting and cloning
D. Data Path Resiliency

Question # 4

Which Prism Dashboard should be used to collect CPU/Memory and Disk I/O statistics over time?

A. Health
B. Alerts
C. Hardware
D. Analysis

Question # 5

A Nutanix administrator receives a request from the networking team to start SNMP Traps to their central reporting solution. The administrator creates the transport. The central monitoring tool is not able to clearly read the SNMP traps that are being sent.What does the administrator need to provide to read SNMP traps correctly?

A. Cluster Virtual IP address
B. SNMP Trap Port
C. TCP/IP address
D. Nutanix MIB file.

Question # 6

Which Nutanix Product combines the Distributed Storage Fabric & App Mobility Fabric?

A. Xtract
B. Prism
C. Acropolis
D. Calm

Question # 7

An administrator wants to be able to manage their application from prism central.Which feature must the administrator enable to allow for application management?

A. Capacity runaway
B. self-service portal
C. entity explorer
D. Image management

Question # 8

An administrator needs to replace the default self-signed certificate in Prism with a certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).Which option on the task menu should the administrator select to change this configuration?

A. SSL Certificate
B. Lifecycle Management
C. UI Options
D. Cluster Lockdown

Question # 9

Which prism dashboard should an administrator use to set the frequency of NCC?

A. data protection
B. cluster health
C. Alerts
D. Tasks

Question # 10

what additional features are available with prism pro(prism central with pro license)? (Choose two)

A. centralized upgrades
B. VM right-sizing
C. vm tagging

Question # 11

A Nutanix administrator needs to replace a self-signed SSL certificate with a CA generated certificate in Prism.Which three files are required to install the CA generated certificate in Prism? (Choose three) 

A. CA Certificate or Chain (ca_chain_certs.cer)
B. Public Certificate (PublicCert.ker)
C. Certificate Signing Request (server.csr)
D. Private Server Key (private_server.key)
E. Public Server Key (public_server.key)

Question # 12

Write I/O that is deemed sequential will enter which component of the Distributed Storage Fabric first?

A. Oplog
B. Extent store
C. Cache
D. Metadata Ring

Question # 13

Which three settings are required for network switch discovery in Prism? (Choose Three)

A. Switch Management IP Address
B. AHV Host IP address
C. Cluster CVM IP address
D. SMTP Server IP address
E. SNMP Community Name

Question # 14

to build the vm on the ahv cluster, after amigration, what “Add Disk” operation(s) can be used? (Choose two)

A. clone from ADSF file
B. clone from storagepool
C. clone from image service
D. clone from vm list

Question # 15

An administrator needs to view and compare IOPs for VMs across multiple clusters.Which two dashboards can the administrator use to find this information? (Choose two)

A. Planning
B. Apps
C. Explore
D. Analysis
E. Home

Question # 16

Which type of data is distributed by Zookeeper to ensure availability in the case of node or block failure?

A. User Data
B. Metadata
C. Configuration Data
D. Snapshot Data

Question # 17

A VM user permanently deletes a directory on a guest VM. The Nutanix administrator has enabled Self-Services for this VM.Which three steps must the administrator perform to restore the directory? (Choose Three)

A. Create a clone of the VM from a previous snapshot and replace the original VM
B. Connect to the cloned VM and copy the directory to the source VM
C. Copy the directory from the snapshot disk to the original VM disk
D. Launch the Nutanix SSR utility on the VM
E. Select and mount the snapshot that contains the deleted directory

Question # 18

An administrator wants to view the IOPs statistics for each host simultaneously on the same graph.Which type of chart on the analysis page meets this requirement?

A. Performance chart
B. Entity Chart
C. Measurement chart
D. Metric chart

Question # 19

An administrator needs to provide iSCSI storage to a VM on the nutanix cluster running ESXiWhich native nutanix feature should be leveraged to meet this requirement

A. Acropolis file servic
B. Acropolis Block servic
C. NFS whitelis
D. Storage Containe

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