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ITIL ITIL-4-Foundation Dumps

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ITIL ITIL-4-Foundation Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which is a way of applying the guiding principle 'focus on value'?

A. Understanding how service consumers use services 
B. Comprehending the whole, but doing something 
C. Recognizing the complexity of systems 
D. Doing fewer things, but doing them better 

Question # 2

In which situation will incident management USUALLY use a separate process?

A. Where no target resolution time exists 
B. For low impact incidents 
C. Where the cause must be diagnosed 
D. For information security incidents 

Question # 3

Which is part of the value proposition of a service?

A. Costs removed from the consumer by the service 
B. Costs imposed on the consumer by the service 
C. Outputs of the service received by the consumer 
D. Risks imposed on the consumer by the service 

Question # 4

Which practice helps to ensure that the services delivered to customers are aligned with their needs?

A. Service request management 
B. Change enablement 
C. Problem management 
D. Service level management 

Question # 5

Which is the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on services? 

A. A change 
B. An event 
C. An incident 
D. A problem 

Question # 6

Which can act as an operating model for an organization?

A. The four dimensions of service management 
B. The service value chain 
C. The ITIL guiding principles 
D. Continual improvement

Question # 7

Which dimension of service management considers how activities are coordinated?

A. Organizations and people 
B. Information and technology 
C. Partners and suppliers 
D. Value streams and processes 

Question # 8

Which principle concentrates on service consumers?

A. Start where you are 
B. Optimize and automate 
C. Keep it simple 
D. Focus on value 

Question # 9

Which value chain activity ensures a shared understanding of the current status and required direction for all products and services?

A. Plan 
B. Improve 
C. Design and transition 
D. Deliver and support 

Question # 10

Which service request management decisions require that policies are established'?

A. Deciding how degradations of service are resolved 
B. Deciding how to handle service requests where the steps are unknown 
C. Deciding which service requests require approval 
D. Deciding when workarounds should be used 

Question # 11

Which is described by the 'organizations and people' dimension of service management?

A. Workflows and controls 
B. Communication and collaboration 
C. Inputs and outputs 
D. Contracts and agreements 

Question # 12

What type of change is MOST likely to be managed as a service request?

A. A standard change 
B. A normal change 
C. An emergency change 
D. An organizational change 

Question # 13

Which statement about output is correct?

A. They consist of several outcomes. 
B. They capture customer demand for services 
C. They contribute to the achievement of outcomes 
D. They describes how the service performs. 

Question # 14

Which practice is MOST LIKELY to make use of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and chatbots?

A. Service desk 
B. Continual improvement 
C. Problem management 
D. Incident management 

Question # 15

Which practice makes use of methods from Lean. Agile and DevOps?

A. Service desk 
B. Continual improvement 
C. Problem management 
D. Incident management 

Question # 16

Which facilitates outcomes that customers want to achieve?

A. Service 
B. Warranty 
C. Organization 
D. IT asset 

Question # 17

Which ITIL concept helps an organization to make good decisions?

A. Four dimensions of service management 
B. Guiding principles 
C. Service value chain 
D. Practices 

Question # 18

Which of the following is NOT recommended by the guiding principle 'start where you are?

A. Asking questions that appear to be stupid 
B. Identifying what is available to be leveraged 
C. Building something completely new 
D. Collecting data directly from the source 

Question # 19

Which guiding principle recommends consideration of the four dimensions in order to make something as effective and as useful as it needs to be?

A. Focus on value 
B. Start where you are 
C. Think and work holisocally 
D. Optimize and automate 

Question # 20

What role would be MOST suitable for someone with tots of experience working in IT and business roles?They also have experience of managing relationships with various stakeholders, including suppliers and business managers.

A. Service level manager 
B. Service desk agent 
C. Change authority 
D. Problem analyst 

Question # 21

Which practice is most likely to benefit from the use of chatbots?

A. Service level management 
B. Change enablement
C. Continual improvement 
D. Service desk 

Question # 22

Which activity contributes to the ‘where are we now?’ step of the ‘continual improvement’ model?

A. Executing improvement actions 
B. Performing baseline assessments 
C. Defining the improvement plan 
D. Understanding the business mission 

Question # 23

Which value chain activity ensures that ongoing service activity meets user expectations?

A. Plan 
B. Engage 
C. Obtain/build 
D. Deliver and support 

Question # 24

Which practice minimizes the impact on normal service operation by managing resources in response to unplanned reductions m service quality?

A. Incident management 
B. Change enablement 
C. Service level management 
D. Continual improvement 

Question # 25

Which practice recommends that organizations develop competencies »n techniques such as strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis, and balanced scorecards?

A. Incident management 
B. Continual improvement 
C. Service request management 
D. Change enablement 

Question # 26

Which statement about value streams is CORRECT?

A. Each value stream must include all six value chain activities 
B. Each value stream must be designed for a specific scenario 
C. Each value stream must include all 34 ITIL practices 
D. Each value stream must include suppliers or partners 

Question # 27

Which describe a 'change authority'?

A. a model used to determine who will assess a change 
B. A person who approves a change 
C. A tool used to help plan changes 
D. A way to manage the people aspects of change 

Question # 28

A flaw in an application could cause a service to fail IT staff are actively analysing the application to try and understand what is going on. What is the correct name for this type of flaw?

A. Problem 
B. Incident 
C. Event 
D. Known error 

Question # 29

Which practice uses pre-defined, standardized procedures to enable fulfilment times to be clearly communicated?

A. Incident management 
B. Service level management 
C. Problem management 
D. Service request management 

Question # 30

Which practice uses pre-defined, standardized procedures to enable fulfilment times to be clearly communicated?

A. Incident management 
B. Service level management 
C. Problem management 
D. Service request management 

Question # 31

Which is a recommendation for applying the guiding principle 'keep it simple and practical?

A. Communicate in a way the audience can hear 
B. Sometimes nothing from the current state can be re used 
C. If a practice is easier to follow it is more likely to be adopted 
D. Fast does not mean incomplete

Question # 32

Which is an activity of the 'incident management" practice?

A. Assessing and prioritizing improvement opportunities 
B. Performing service reviews with customers 
C. Providing good-quality updates when expected 
D. Automating service requests to the greatest degree possible 

Question # 33

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. Sponsor is the role that authorizes budget for service [?)

A. value 
B. consumption 
C. management 
D. provision 

Question # 34

Which practice ensures that any addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on services is assessed and authorized?

A. Deployment management 
B. Release management 
C. Change enablement 
D. Service configuration management 

Question # 35

Identify the missing word in the following sentence. Sponsor is the role that authorizes budget for service [?)

A. value 
B. consumption 
C. management 
D. provision 

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