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HashiCorp TA-002-P Dumps

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HashiCorp TA-002-P Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following connection types are supported by the remote-exec provisioner?(select two)

A. WinRM 
E. ssh 

Question # 2

Select all features which are exclusive to Terraform Enterprise. (Select Three)

A. Sentinel 
B. Cost Estimation 
C. Audit Logs 
D. Clustering 

Question # 3

What are some of the features of Terraform state? (select three)

A. inspection of cloud resources 
B. determining the correct order to destroy resources 
C. mapping configuration to real-world resources 
D. increased performance 

Question # 4

By default, where does Terraform store its state file?

A. Amazon S3 bucket 
B. shared directory 
C. remotely using Terraform Cloud 
D. current working directory 

Question # 5

What is the result of the following terraform function call?

A. hello 
B. what? 
C. goodbye 

Question # 6

Select all Operating Systems that Terraform is available for. (select five)

A. Linux 
B. macOS 
C. Unix 
D. Solaris 
E. Windows 
F. FreeBSD 

Question # 7

A "backend" in Terraform determines how state is loaded and how an operation such asapply is executed. Which of the following is not a supported backend type?

A. Terraform enterprise 
B. Consul 
C. Github 
D. S3 
E. Artifactory 

Question # 8

When writing Terraform code, HashiCorp recommends that you use how many spacesbetween each nesting level?

A. 0 
B. 1 
C. 2 
D. 4 

Question # 9

What is the best and easiest way for Terraform to read and write secrets from HashiCorpVault?

A. Vault provider 
B. API access using the AppRole auth method 
C. integration with a tool like Jenkins 
D. CLI access from the same machine running Terraform 

Question # 10

Which one is the right way to import a local module names consul?

A. module "consul" { source = "consul"} 
B. module "consul" { source = "./consul"} 
C. module "consul" { source = "../consul"} 
D. module "consul" { source = "module/consul"} 

Question # 11

A user runs terraform init on their RHEL based server and per the output, two providerplugins are downloaded: $ terraform initInitializing the backend...Initializing provider plugins...- Checking for available provider plugins...- Downloading plugin for provider "aws" (hashicorp/aws) 2.44.0...- Downloading plugin for provider "random" (hashicorp/random) 2.2.1...:Terraform has been successfully initialized! Where are these plugins downloaded to?

A. The .terraform.plugins directory in the directory terraform init was executed in. 
B. The .terraform/plugins directory in the directory terraform init was executed in. 
C. /etc/terraform/plugins 
D. The .terraform.d directory in the directory terraform init was executed in.

Question # 12

Terraform will sync all resources in state by default for every plan and apply, hence forlarger infrastructures this can slow down terraform plan and terraform apply commands?

A. False 
B. True 

Question # 13

During a terraform plan, a resource is successfully created but eventually fails duringprovisioning. What happens to the resource?

A. Terraform attempts to provision the resource up to three times before exiting with anerror 
B. the terraform plan is rolled back and all provisioned resources are removed 
C. it is automatically deleted 
D. the resource is marked as tainted 

Question # 14

You have created a custom variable definition file my_vars.tfvars. How will you use it forprovisioning infrastructure?

A. terraform apply -var-state-file ="my_vars.tfvars" 
B. terraform apply var-file="my_vars.tfvars" 
C. terraform plan -var-file="my_vars.tfvar" 
D. terraform apply -var-file="my_vars.tfvars" 

Question # 15

Your organization has moved to AWS and has manually deployed infrastructure using theconsole. Recently, a decision has been made to standardize on Terraform for alldeployments moving forward.

A. Submit a ticket to AWS and ask them to export the state of all existing resources anduse terraform import to import them into the state file. 
B. Delete the existing resources and recreate them using new a Terraform configuration soTerraform can manage them moving forward. 
C. Resources that are manually deployed in the AWS console cannot be imported byTerraform. 
D. Using terraform import, import the existing infrastructure into your Terraform state. 

Question # 16

Which of the following is considered a Terraform plugin?

A. Terraform language 
B. Terraform tooling 
C. Terraform logic 
D. Terraform provider 

Question # 17

In the example below, where is the value of the DNS record's IP address originating from?1. resource "aws_route53_record" "www"2. {3. zone_id = aws_route53_zone.primary.zone_id4. name = ""5. type = "A"6. ttl = "300"7. records = [module.web_server.instance_ip_address]8. }

A. The regular expression named module.web_server 
B. The output of a module named web_server 
C. By querying the AWS EC2 API to retrieve the IP address 
D. Value of the web_server parameter from the file 

Question # 18

True or False? When using the Terraform provider for Vault, the tight integration betweenthese HashiCorp tools provides the ability to mask secrets in the terraform plan and statefiles.

A. False 
B. True 

Question # 19

In the example below, the depends_on argument creates what type of dependency?

A. implicit dependency 
B. internal dependency 
C. explicit dependency 
D. non-dependency resource 

Question # 20

When using constraint expressions to signify a version of a provider, which of the followingare valid provider versions that satisfy the expression found in the following code snippet:(select two)1. terraform2. {3. required_providers4. {5. aws = "~> 1.2.0"6. }7. }

A. 1.3.1 
B. 1.2.3 
C. 1.2.9 
D. 1.3.0 

Question # 21

You have written a terraform IaC script which was working till yesterday , but is giving somevague error from today , which you are unable to understand . You want more detailed logsthat could potentially help you troubleshoot the issue , and understand the root cause.What can you do to enable this setting? Please note , you are using terraform OSS.

A. Terraform OSS can push all its logs to a syslog endpoint. As such, you have to set upthe syslog sink, and enable TF_LOG_PATH env variable to the syslog endpoint and alllogs will automatically start streaming. 
B. Detailed logs are not available in terraform OSS, except the crash message. You needto upgrade to terraform enterprise for this point. 
C. Enable the TF_LOG_PATH to the log sink file location, and logging output willautomatically be stored there. 
D. Enable TF_LOG to the log level DEBUG, and then set TF_LOG_PATH to the log sinkfile location. Terraform debug logs will be dumped to the sink path, even in terraform OSS. 

Question # 22

What Terraform command can be used to inspect the current state file?

A. terraform inspect 
B. terraform read 
C. terraform show 
D. terraform state 

Question # 23

State is a requirement for Terraform to function

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 24

Given the Terraform configuration below, in which order will the resources be created?1. resource "aws_instance" "web_server"2. {3. ami = "ami-b374d5a5"4. instance_type = "t2.micro"5. }6. resource "aws_eip" "web_server_ip"7. {8. vpc = true instance = aws_instance.web_server.id9. }

A. aws_eip will be created first aws_instance will be created second 
B. aws_eip will be created first aws_instance will be created second 
C. Resources will be created simultaneously 
D. aws_instance will be created first aws_eip will be created second 

Question # 25

True or False? Each Terraform workspace uses its own state file to manage theinfrastructure associated with that particular workspace.

A. False 
B. True 

Question # 26

Your team uses terraform OSS . You have created a number of resuable modules forimportant , independent network components that you want to share with your team toenhance consistency . What is the correct option/way to do that?

A. Terraform modules cannot be shared in OSS version . Each developer needs tomaintain their own modules and leverage them in the main tf file. 
B. Upload your modules with proper versioning in the terraform public module registry .Terraform OSS is directly integrated with the public module registry , and can reference themodules from the code in the main tf file. 
C. Terraform module sharing is only available in Enterprise version via terraform privatemodule registry , so no way to enable it in OSS version. 
D. Store your modules in a NAS/ shared file server , and ask your team members todirectly reference the code from there. This is the only viable option in terraform OSS,which is better than individually maintaining module versions for every developer. 

Question # 27

Terraform Enterprise (also referred to as pTFE) requires what type of backend database fora clustered deployment?

A. PostgreSQL 
B. Cassandra 

Question # 28

Using multi-cloud and provider-agnostic tools provides which of the following benefits?

A. Operations teams only need to learn and manage a single tool to manage infrastructure,regardless of where the infrastructure is deployed. 
B. Increased risk due to all infrastructure relying on a single tool for management. 
C. Can be used across major cloud providers and VM hypervisors. 
D. Slower provisioning speed allows the operations team to catch mistakes before they areapplied. 

Question # 29

Your team has started using terraform OSS in a big way , and now wants to deploy multiregion deployments (DR) in aws using the same terraform files . You want to deploy thesame infra (VPC,EC2 …) in both us-east-1 ,and us-west-2 using the same script , and thenpeer the VPCs across both the regions to enable DR traffic. But , when you run your script ,all resources are getting created in only the default provider region. What should you do?Your provider setting is as below -# The default provider configuration provider "aws" { region = "us-east-1" } 

A. No way to enable this via a single script . Write 2 different scripts with different defaultproviders in the 2 scripts , one for us-east , another for us-west. 
B. Create a list of regions , and then use a for-each to iterate over the regions , and createthe same resources ,one after the one , over the loop. 
C. Use provider alias functionality , and add another provider for us-west region . Whilecreating the resources using the tf script , reference the appropriate provider (using thealias). 
D. Manually create the DR region , once the Primary has been created , since you areusing terraform OSS , and multi region deployment is only available in TerraformEnterprise. 

Question # 30

What are some of the problems of how infrastructure was traditionally managed beforeInfrastructure as Code? (select three)

A. Requests for infrastructure or hardware required a ticket, increasing the time required todeploy applications 
B. Traditional deployment methods are not able to meet the demands of the modernbusiness where resources tend to live days to weeks, rather than months to years 
C. Traditionally managed infrastructure can't keep up with cyclic or elastic applications 
D. Pointing and clicking in a management console is a scalable approach and reduceshuman error as businesses are moving to a multi-cloud deployment model 

Question # 31

Multiple provider instances blocks for AWS can be part of a single configuration file?

A. False 
B. True 

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