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CompTIA N10-008 Dumps

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CompTIA N10-008 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company has multiple offices around the world. The computer rooms in some office locations are too warm Dedicated sensors are in each room, but the process of checking each sensor takes a long time. Which of the following options can the company put In place to automate temperature readings with internal resources? 

A. Implement NetFlow.
B. Hire a programmer to write a script to perform the checks
C. Utilize ping to measure the response.
D. Use SNMP with an existing collector server

Question # 2

A network administrator is adding a new switch to the network. Which of the following network hardening techniques would be BEST to use once the switch is in production? 

A. Disable unneeded ports
B. Disable SSH service
C. Disable MAC filtering
D. Disable port security

Question # 3

A technician is configuring a static IP address on a new device in a newly created subnet. The work order specifies the following requirements:.  The IP address should use the highest address available in the subnet.. The default gateway needs to be set to The subnet mask needs to be of the following addresses should the engineer apply to the device?


Question # 4

A network technician 13 troubleshooting a specific port on a switch. Which of the following commands should the technician use to see the port configuration? 

A. show route
B. show Interface
C. show arp
D. show port

Question # 5

A corporation is looking for a method to secure all traffic between a branch office and its data center in order to provide a zero-touch experience for all staff members who work there. Which of the following would BEST meet this requirement? 

A. Site-to-site VPN
C. Remote desktop gateway
D. Virtual LANs

Question # 6

A company, which is located in a coastal town, retrofitted an office building for a new data center. The underground fiber optics were brought in and connected to the switches in the basement network MDF. A server data center was built on the fifth floor with the two rooms vertically connected by fiber optics. Which of the following types of environmental sensors is MOST needed? 

A. Temperature sensor in the network MDF
B. Water sensor in the network MDF
C. Temperature sensor in the data center
D. Water sensor in the data center

Question # 7

In which of the following components do routing protocols belong in a software-defined network? 

A. Infrastructure layer
B. Control layer
C. Application layer
D. Management plane

Question # 8

A network security engineer locates an unapproved wireless bridge connected to the corporate LAN that is broadcasting a hidden SSID, providing unauthenticated access to internal resources. Which of the following types of attacks BEST describes this finding?

A. Rogue access point Most Voted
B. Evil twin
C. ARP spoofing
D. VLAN hopping

Question # 9

The lack of a formal process to grant network permissions to different profiles of employees and contractors is leading to an increasing number of security incidents Non-uniform and overly permissive network accesses are being granted. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate method to improve the security of the environment? 

A. Change the default permissions to implicit deny
B. Configure uniform ACLs to employees and NAC for contractors.
C. Deploy an RDP server to centralize the access to the network
D. Implement role-based access control

Question # 10

During the troubleshooting of an E1 line, the point-to-point link on the core router was accidentally unplugged and left unconnected for several hours. However, the network management team was not notified. Which of the following could have been configured to allow early detection and possible resolution of the issue?

A. Traps
D. Baselines

Question # 11

A coffee shop owner hired a network consultant to provide recommendations for installing a new wireless network. The coffee shop customers expect high speeds even when the network is congested. Which of the following standards should the consultant recommend? 

A. 802.11ac
B. 802.11ax
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n

Question # 12

An engineer is using a tool to run an ICMP sweep of a network to find devices that are online. When reviewing the results, the engineer notices a number of workstations that are currently verified as being online are not listed in the report.The tool was configured to scan using the following information:Network address: CIDR: /22The engineer collected the following information from the client workstation: IP address: Subnet mask: Which of the following MOST likely explains why the tool is failing to detect some workstations? 

A. The scanned network range is incorrect.
B. The subnet mask on the client is misconfigured.
C. The workstation has a firewall enabled.
D. The tool is unable to scan remote networks.

Question # 13

A consultant is working with two international companies. The companies will be sharing cloud resources for a project. Which of the following documents would provide an agreement on how to utilize the resources?


Question # 14

A PC user who is on a local network reports very slow speeds when accessing files on the network server The user's PC Is connecting, but file downloads are very slow when compared to other users' download speeds The PC's NIC should be capable of Gigabit Ethernet. Which of the following will MOST likely fix the issue? 

A. Releasing and renewing the PC's IP address
B. Replacing the patch cable
C. Reseating the NIC inside the PC
D. Flushing the DNS cache

Question # 15

Which of the following would be BEST suited for use at the access layer in a three-tier architecture system? 

A. Router
B. Multilayer switch
C. Layer 2 switch
D. Access point

Question # 16

After HVAC failures caused network outages, the support team decides to monitor the temperatures of all the devices. The network administrator cannot find a command that will display this information. Which of the following will retrieve the necessary information? 

A. SNMP OID values
B. NetFlow data export
C. Network baseline configurations
D. Security information and event management

Question # 17

Which of the following would be the MOST likely attack used to bypass an access control vestibule? 

A. Tailgating
B. Phishing
C. Evil twin
D. Brute-force

Question # 18

An attacker targeting a large company was able to inject malicious A records into internal name resolution servers. Which of the following attack types was MOST likely used? 

A. DNS poisoning
B. On-path
C. IP spoofing
D. Rogue DHCP

Question # 19

Which of the following can be used to validate domain ownership by verifying the presence of pre-agreed content contained in a DNS record? 


Question # 20

A company is considering shifting its business to the cloud. The management team is concerned at the availability of the third-party cloud service. Which of the following should the management team consult to determine the promised availability of the cloud provider?

A. Memorandum of understanding
B. Business continuity plan
C. Disaster recovery plan
D. Service-level agreement

Question # 21

Which of the following protocols uses Dijkstra’s algorithm to calculate the LOWEST cost between routers? 


Question # 22

A company's primary ISP is experiencing an outage. However, the network administrator notices traffic continuing to flow through a secondary connection to the same ISP. Which of the following BEST describes this configuration? 

A. Diverse paths
B. Load balancing
C. Multipathing
D. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Question # 23

Which of the following is a valid and cost-effective solution to connect a fiber cable into a network switch without available SFP ports? 

A. Use a media converter and a UTP cable
B. Install an additional transceiver module and use GBICs
C. Change the type of connector from SC to F-type
D. Use a loopback adapter to make the connection

Question # 24

Which of the following would be BEST suited for a long cable run with a 40Gbps bandwidth?

A. Cat 5e
B. Cat 6a
C. Cat 7
D. Cat 8

Question # 25

Which of the following routing protocols is BEST suited for use on a perimeter router?

B. RIPv2

Question # 26

A network technician is configuring a wireless access point and wants to only allow company-owned devices to associate with the network. The access point uses PSKs, and a network authentication system does not exist on the network. Which of the following should the technician implement? 

A. Captive portal
B. Guest network isolation
C. MAC filtering
D. Geofencing

Question # 27

Which of the following describes when an active exploit is used to gain access to a network?

A. Penetration testing
B. Vulnerability testing
C. Risk assessment
D. Posture assessment
E. Baseline testing

Question # 28

Which of the following is a requirement when certifying a network cabling as Cat 7?

A. Ensure the patch panel is certified for the same category.
B. Limit 10Gb transmissions to 180ft (55m).
C. Use F-type connectors on the network terminations.
D. Ensure the termination standard is TIA/EIA-568-A.

Question # 29

A network resource was accessed by an outsider as a result of a successful phishing campaign. Which of the following strategies should be employed to mitigate the effects of phishing? 

A. Multifactor authentication
B. Single sign-on

Question # 30

Which of the following should be used to manage outside cables that need to be routed to various multimode uplinks?

A. Fiber distribution panel
B. 110 punchdown block
D. TIA/EIA-568A patch bay

Question # 31

Several users with older devices are reporting intermittent connectivity while in an outdoor patio area. After some research, the network administrator determines that an outdoor WAP might help with the issue. However, the company does not want the signal to bleed into the building and cause interference. Which of the following should the network administrator perform to BEST resolve the issue? 

A. Disable the SSID broadcast on the WAP in the patio area.
B. Install a WAP and enable 5GHz only within the patio area.
C. Install a directional WAP in the direction of the patio.
D. Install a repeater on the back wall of the patio area.

Question # 32

Which of the following is the NEXT step to perform network troubleshooting after identifying an issue?

A. Implement a solution.
B. Establish a theory.
C. Escalate the issue
D. Document the findings.

Question # 33

Which of the following is the IEEE link cost for a Fast Ethernet interface in STP calculations?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 19
D. 100

Question # 34

An ISP configured an internet connection to provide 20Mbps, but actual data rates are occurring at 10Mbps and causing a significant delay in data transmission. Which of the following specifications should the ISP check?

A. Throughput
B. Latency
C. Bandwidth
D. Jitter

Question # 35

A technician is equipped with a tablet, a smartphone, and a laptop to troubleshoot a switch with the help of support over the phone. However, the technician is having issues interconnecting all these tools in troubleshooting the switch. Which Of the following should the technician use to gain connectivity? 


Question # 36

A network engineer developed a plan of action to resolve an ongoing issue. Which of the following steps should the engineer take NEXT? 

A. Verify full system functionality and implement preventative measures.
B. Implement the solution to resolve the problem.
C. Document findings, actions, outcomes, and lessons learned.
D. Establish a theory of probable cause.

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