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CompTIA N10-008 Dumps

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CompTIA N10-008 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company joins a bank's financial network and establishes a connection to the clearinghouse servers in the range 192 168.124.0/27. An IT technician then realizes the range exists within the VM pool at the data center. Which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to connect to the bank's servers?

A. NAT  
B. PAT  

Question # 2

An engineer recently decided to upgrade the firmware on a router. During the upgrade, the help desk received calls about a network outage, and a critical ticket was opened. The network manager would like to create a policy to prevent this from happening in the future. Which of the following documents should the manager create?

A. Change management  
B. incident response  
C. Standard operating procedure  
D. System life cycle  

Question # 3

A network engineer needs to reduce the overhead of file transfers. Which of the following configuration changes would accomplish that goal?

A. Link aggregation  
B. Jumbo frames  
C. Port security  
D. Flow control  
E. Lower FTP port  

Question # 4

A network administrator is getting reports of some internal users who cannot connect to network resources. The users slate they were able to connect last week, but not today. No changes have been configured on the network devices or server during the last few weeks. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The client DHCP scope is fully utilized  
B. The wired network is experiencing electrical interference  
C. The captive portal is down and needs to be restarted  
D. SNMP traps are being received  
E. The packet counter on the router interface is high.  

Question # 5

A false camera is installed outside a building to assist with physical security. Which of the following is the device assisting?

A. Detection  
B. Recovery  
C. Identification  
D. Prevention  

Question # 6

A new company recently moved into an empty office space Within days, users in the next office began noticing increased latency and packet drops with their Wi-Fi-connected devices. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?

A. Channel overlap  
B. Distance from the AP  
C. Bandwidth latency  
D. RF attenuation  
E. Network congestion  

Question # 7

A network administrator installed an additional IDF during a building expansion project. Which of the following documents need to be updated to reflect the change? (Select TWO). 

A. Data loss prevention policy  
B. BYOD policy  
C. Acceptable use policy  
D. Non-disclosure agreement  
E. Disaster recovery plan  
F. Physical network diagram  

Question # 8

During a risk assessment which of the following should be considered when planning to mitigate high CPU utilization of a firewall? 

A. Recovery time objective  
B. Uninterruptible power supply  
C. NIC teaming  
D. Load balancing  

Question # 9

A user reports that a new VoIP phone works properly but the computer that is connected to the phone cannot access any network resources. Which of the following MOST Likely needs to be configured correctly to provide network connectivity to the computer?

A. Port duplex settings  
B. Port aggregation  
C. ARP settings  
D. VLAN tags  
E. MDIX settings  

Question # 10

A network administrator needs to run a single command-line tool capable of displaying routing table and multicast memberships. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator achieve the requirements?

A. arp  
B. show route  
C. show config  
D. netstate  

Question # 11

Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective alternative that provides proper cabling and supports gigabit Ethernet devices?

A. Twisted cable with a minimum Cat 5e certification  
B. Multimode fiber with an SC connector  
C. Twinaxial cabling using an F-type connector  
D. Cable termination using TIA/EIA-568-B  

Question # 12

Which of the following topologies requites the MOST connections when designing a network?

A. Mesh  
B. Star  
C. Bus  
D. Ring  

Question # 13

A network technician reviews an entry on the syslog server and discovers the following message from a switch: SPANNING-TREE Port 1/1 BLOCKED Which of the following describes the issue?

A. A loop was discovered, and the impact was mitigated.  
B. An incorrectly pinned cable was disconnected.  
C. The link-local address on the port is incorrect.  
D. The port was shut down, and it needs to be reactivated.  

Question # 14

While setting up a new workstation, a technician discovers that the network connection is only 100 full duplex (FD), although it is connected to a gigabit switch. While reviewing the interface information in the switch CLI, the technician notes the port is operating at IOOFD but Shows many RX and TX errors. The technician moves the computer to another switchport and experiences the same issues. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the low data rate and port errors? 

A. Bad switch ports  
B. Duplex issues  
C. Cable length  
D. Incorrect pinout  

Question # 15

Users attending security training at work are advised not to use single words as passwords for corporate applications. Which of the following does this BEST protect against?

A. An on-path attack  
B. A brute-force attack  
C. A dictionary attack  
D. MAC spoofing  
E. Denial of service  

Question # 16

A company streams video to multiple devices across a campus. When this happens, several users report a degradation of network performance. Which of the following would MOST likely address this issue?

A. Enable IGMP snooping on the switches.  
B. Implement another DHCP server.  
C. Reconfigure port tagging for the video traffic.  
D. Change the SSID of the APs  

Question # 17

Which of the following is conducted frequently to maintain an updated list of a system's weaknesses?

A. Penetration test  
B. Posture assessment  
C. Risk assessment  
D. Vulnerability scan  

Question # 18

Logs show an unauthorized IP address entering a secure part of the network every night at 8:00 pm. The network administrator is concerned that this IP address will cause an issue to a critical server and would like to deny the IP address at the edge of the network. Which of the following solutions would address these concerns?

A. Changing the VLAN of the web server  
B. Changing the server's IP address  
C. Implementing an ACL  
D. Instating a rule on the firewall connected to the web server  

Question # 19

A network administrator wants to test the throughput of a new metro Ethernet circuit to verify that its performance matches the requirements specified m the SLA. Which of the following would BEST help measure the throughput?

A. iPerf  
B. Ping  
C. NetFlow  
D. Netstat  

Question # 20

An international company is transferring its IT assets including a number of WAPs from the United States to an office in Europe for deployment. Which of the following considerations should the company research before Implementing the wireless hardware?

A. WPA2 cipher  
B. Regulatory Impacts  
C. CDMA configuration  
D. 802.11 standards  

Question # 21

A corporate client is experiencing global system outages. The IT team has identified multiple potential underlying causes throughout the enterprise Each team member has been assigned an area to trouble shoot. Which of the following approaches is being used?

A. Divide-and-conquer  
B. Top-to-bottom  
C. Bottom-to-top  
D. Determine if anything changed  

Question # 22

Which of the following is a benefit of the spine-and-leaf network topology? 

A. Increased network security  
B. Stable network latency  
C. Simplified network management  
D. Eliminated need for inter-VLAN routing  

Question # 23

A network engineer needs to pass both data and telephony on an access port. Which or the following features should be configured to meet this requirement?

B. VoIP  
C. VIP  

Question # 24

A network technician is troubleshooting a new web server connectivity issue. The network technician discovers the following on the support ticket • The server's IP address can be pinged from the client PCs, • Access to the web resource works correctly when on the server's console. • No clients can access the servers data via URL. • The server does not have a firewall configured • No ACLs are preventing connectivity from the client's network. • All services on the server are operating normally, which was confirmed by the server team. Which of the following actions will resolve the issue? 

A. Reset port security on the switchport connecting the server.  
B. Adjust the web server's NTP settings to match the client settings.  
C. Configure A records for the web server.  
D. Install the correct MIB on the web server  

Question # 25

Which of the following is the primary function of the core layer of the three-tiered model? 

A. Routing  
B. Repeating  
C. Bridging  
D. Switching  

Question # 26

Which of the following is considered a physical security detection device? 

A. Cameras  
B. Biometric readers 
C. Access control vestibules  
D. Locking racks  

Question # 27

When accessing corporate network resources, users are required to authenticate to each application they try to access. Which of the following concepts does this BEST represent? 

A. SSO  
B. Zero Trust  
C. VPN  
D. Role-based access control  

Question # 28

An administrator needs to connect two laptops directly to each other using 802.11ac but does not have an AP available. Which of the following describes this configuration?

A. Basic service set  
B. Extended service set  
C. Independent basic service set  

Question # 29

At which of the following OSI model layers does an IMAP client run? 

A. Layer 2  
B. Layer 4  
C. Layer 6  
D. Layer 7  

Question # 30

A small office is running WiFi 4 APs, and neighboring offices do not want to increase the throughput to associated devices. Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient way for the office to increase network performance?

A. Add another AP.  
B. Disable the 2.4GHz radios.  
C. Enable channel bonding.  
D. Upgrade to WiFi 5.  

Question # 31

To access production applications and data, developers must first connect remotely to a different server From there, the developers are able to access production data Which of the following does this BEST represent?

A. A management plane  
B. A proxy server  
C. An out-of-band management device  
D. A site-to-site VPN  
E. A jump box  

Question # 32

A network administrator is setting up a new phone system and needs to define the location where VoIP phones can download configuration files. Which of the following DHCP services can be used to accomplish this task?

A. Scope options  
B. Exclusion ranges  
C. Lease time  
D. Relay  

Question # 33

A network administrator would like to purchase a device that provides access ports to endpoints and has the ability to route between networks. Which of the following would be BEST for the administrator to purchase? 

A. An IPS  
B. A Layer 3 switch  
C. A router  
D. A wireless LAN controller  

Question # 34

A network administrator is testing performance improvements by configuring channel bonding on an 802.Hac AP. Although a site survey detected the majority of the 5GHz frequency spectrum was idle, being used only by the company's WLAN and a nearby government radio system, the AP is not allowing the administrator to manually configure a large portion of the 5GHz frequency range. Which of the following would be BEST to configure for the WLAN being tested?

A. Upgrade the equipment to an AP that supports manual configuration of the ElRP power settings. 
B. Switch to 802.11n. disable channel auto-selection, and enforce channel bonding on the configuration. 
C. Set up the AP to perform a dynamic selection of the frequency according to regulatory requirements. 
D. Deactivate the band 5GHz to avoid Interference with the government radio  

Question # 35

To comply with an industry regulation, all communication destined to a secure server should be logged and archived on a storage device. Which of the Mowing can be configured to fulfill this requirement?

A. QoS traffic classification  
B. Port mirroring  
C. Flow control  
D. Link Aggregation Control Protocol  

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