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CompTIA CAS-003 Dumps

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CompTIA CAS-003 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An organization is in the process of integrating its operational technology and informationtechnology areas. As part of the integration, some of the cultural aspects it would like tosee include more efficient use of resources during change windows, better protection ofcritical infrastructure, and the ability to respond to incidents. The following observationshave been identified:The ICS supplier has specified that any software installed will result in lack of support.There is no documented trust boundary defined between the SCADA andcorporate networks.Operational technology staff have to manage the SCADA equipment via theengineering workstation.There is a lack of understanding of what is within the SCADA network.Which of the following capabilities would BEST improve the security position?

A. VNC, router, and HIPS
B. SIEM, VPN, and firewall
C. Proxy, VPN, and WAF
D. IDS, NAC, and log monitoring 

Question # 2

A security engineer is working to secure an organization’s VMs. While reviewing theworkflow for creating VMs on demand, the engineer raises a concern about the integrity ofthe secure boot process of the VM guest.Which of the following would BEST address this concern?

A. Configure file integrity monitoring of the guest OS.
B. Enable the vTPM on a Type 2 hypervisor.
C. Only deploy servers that are based on a hardened image.
D. Protect the memory allocation of a Type 1 hypervisor.

Question # 3

The audit team was only provided the physical and logical addresses of the networkwithout any type of access credentials.Which of the following methods should the audit team use to gain initial access during thesecurity assessment? (Choose two.)

A. Tabletop exercise
B. Social engineering
C. Runtime debugging
D. Reconnaissance
E. Code review
F. Remote access tool

Question # 4

A security analyst is inspecting pseudocode of the following multithreaded application:1. perform daily ETL of data1.1 validate that yesterday’s data model file exists1.2 validate that today’s data model file does not exist1.2 extract yesterday’s data model1.3 transform the format1.4 load the transformed data into today’s data model file1.5 exitWhich of the following security concerns is evident in the above pseudocode?

A. Time of check/time of use
B. Resource exhaustion
C. Improper storage of sensitive data
D. Privilege escalation

Question # 5

An organization is attempting to harden its web servers and reduce the information thatmight be disclosed by potential attackers. A security anal... reviewing vulnerability scanresult from a recent web server scan.Portions of the scan results are shown below:Finding# 5144322First time detected 10 nov 2015 09:00 GMT_0600Last time detected 10 nov 2015 09:00 GMT_0600CVSS base: 5Access path: GET http://mailinglist.aspx?content=volunteerResponse: C:\Docments\MarySmith\malinglist.pdfWhich of the following lines indicates information disclosure about the host that needs to beremediated?

A. Response: C:\Docments\marysmith\malinglist.pdf
B. Finding#5144322
C. First Time detected 10 nov 2015 09:00 GMT_0600
D. Access path: http//
E. Request: GET http://myorg.come/mailinglist.aspx?content=volunteer

Question # 6

A security engineer is assessing a new IoT product. The product interfaces with the ODBII port of a vehicle and uses a Bluetooth connection to relay data to an onboard data logger located in the vehicle. The data logger can only transfer data over a custom USB cable. The engineer suspects a relay attack is possible against the cryptographic implementation used to secure messages between segments of the system. Which of the following tools should the engineer use to confirm the analysis? 

A. Binary decompiler 
B. Wireless protocol analyzer 
C. Log analysis and reduction tools 
D. Network-based fuzzer 

Question # 7

A product manager is concerned about the unintentional sharing of the company’s intellectual property through employees’ use of social media. Which of the following would BEST mitigate this risk? 

A. Virtual desktop environment 
B. Network segmentation 
C. Web application firewall 
D. Web content filter

Question # 8

A security administrator is updating a company’s SCADA authentication system with a new application. To ensure interoperability between the legacy system and the new application, which of the following stakeholders should be involved in the configuration process before deployment? (Choose two.)

 A. Network engineer 
B. Service desk personnel 
C. Human resources administrator 
D. Incident response coordinator 
E. Facilities manager
 F. Compliance manager 

Question # 9

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) suspects that a database administrator has been tampering with financial data to the administrator’s advantage. Which of the following would allow a third-party consultant to conduct an on-site review of the administrator’s activity? 

A. Separation of duties 
B. Job rotation 
C. Continuous monitoring 
D. Mandatory vacation 

Question # 10

During a recent incident, sensitive data was disclosed and subsequently destroyed through a properly secured, cloud-based storage platform. An incident response technician is working with management to develop an after action report that conveys critical metrics regarding the incident. Which of the following would be MOST important to senior leadership to determine the impact of the breach? 

A. The likely per-record cost of the breach to the organization 
B. The legal or regulatory exposure that exists due to the breach 
C. The amount of downtime required to restore the data 
D. The number of records compromised 

Question # 11

Which of the following is the GREATEST security concern with respect to BYOD? 

A. The filtering of sensitive data out of data flows at geographic boundaries. 
B. Removing potential bottlenecks in data transmission paths. 
C. The transfer of corporate data onto mobile corporate devices. 
D. The migration of data into and out of the network in an uncontrolled manner. 

Question # 12

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is creating a security committee involvingmultiple business units of the corporation.Which of the following is the BEST justification to ensure collaboration across business units?

A. A risk to one business unit is a risk avoided by all business units, and liberal BYODpolicies create new and unexpected avenues for attackers to exploit enterprises.
B. A single point of coordination is required to ensure cybersecurity issues are addressedin protected, compartmentalized groups.
C. Without business unit collaboration, risks introduced by one unit that affect another unitmay go without compensating controls.
D. The CISO is uniquely positioned to control the flow of vulnerability information betweenbusiness units.

Question # 13

An insurance company has two million customers and is researching the top transactions on its customer portal. It identifies that the top transaction is currently password reset. Due to users not remembering their secret questions, a large number of calls are consequently routed to the contact center for manual password resets. The business wants to develop a mobile application to improve customer engagement in the future, continue with a single factor of authentication, minimize management overhead of the solution, remove passwords, and eliminate to the contact center.Which of the following techniques would BEST meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Magic link sent to an email address
B. Customer ID sent via push notification
C. SMS with OTP sent to a mobile number
D. Third-party social login
E. Certificate sent to be installed on a device
F. Hardware tokens sent to customers

Question # 14

A recent security assessment revealed a web application may be vulnerable to clickjacking. According to the application developers, a fix may be months away. Which of the following should a security engineer configure on the web server to help mitigate the issue? 

A. File upload size limits 
B. HttpOnly cookie field 
C. X-Frame-Options header 
D. Input validation 

Question # 15

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) publicly announces the implementation of a new financialsystem. As part of a security assessment that includes a social engineering task, which ofthe following tasks should be conducted to demonstrate the BEST means to gaininformation to use for a report on social vulnerability details about the financial system?

A. Call the CIO and ask for an interview, posing as a job seeker interested in an open position
B. Compromise the email server to obtain a list of attendees who responded to theinvitation who is on the IT staff
C. Notify the CIO that, through observation at events, malicious actors can identifyindividuals to befriend
D. Understand the CIO is a social drinker, and find the means to befriend the CIO atestablishments the CIO frequents

Question # 16

A technician is validating compliance with organizational policies. The user and machine accounts in the AD are not set to expire, which is non-compliant. Which of the following network tools would provide this type of information? 

A. SIEM server 
B. IDS appliance 
C. SCAP scanner 
D. HTTP interceptor 

Question # 17

A network printer needs Internet access to function. Corporate policy states all devices allowed on the network must be authenticated. Which of the following is the MOST secure method to allow the printer on the network without violating policy? 

A. Request an exception to the corporate policy from the risk management committee 
B. Require anyone trying to use the printer to enter their username and password 
C. Have a help desk employee sign in to the printer every morning 
D. Issue a certificate to the printer and use certificate-based authentication 

Question # 18

An organization has employed the services of an auditing firm to perform a gapassessment in preparation for an upcoming audit. As part of the gap assessment, theauditor supporting the assessment recommends the organization engage with otherindustry partners to share information about emerging attacks to organizations in theindustry in which the organization functions.Which of the following types of information could be drawn from such participation?

A. Threat modeling
B. Risk assessment 
C. Vulnerability data
D. Threat intelligence
E. Risk metrics
F. Exploit frameworks

Question # 19

The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from two different companies are discussing thehighly sensitive prospect of merging their respective companies together. Both have invitedtheir Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to discern how they can securely and digitalycommunicate, and the following criteria are collectively determined:Must be encrypted on the email servers and clientsMust be OK to transmit over unsecure Internet connectionsWhich of the following communication methods would be BEST to recommend?

A. Force TLS between domains.
B. Enable STARTTLS on both domains.
C. Use PGP-encrypted emails.
D. Switch both domains to utilize DNSSEC.

Question # 20

A security analyst has been asked to create a list of external IT security concerns, whichare applicable to the organization. The intent is to show the different types of externalactors, their attack vectors, and the types of vulnerabilities that would cause businessimpact. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will then present this list to the boardto request funding for controls in areas that have insufficient coverage.Which of the following exercise types should the analyst perform?

A. Summarize the most recently disclosed vulnerabilities.
B. Research industry best practices and latest RFCs.
C. Undertake an external vulnerability scan and penetration test.
D. Conduct a threat modeling exercise.

Question # 21

An organization is currently performing a market scan for managed security services and EDR capability. Which of the following business documents should be released to the prospective vendors in the first step of the process? (Select TWO). 


Question # 22

During a security event investigation, a junior analyst fails to create an image of a server’s hard drive before removing the drive and sending it to the forensics analyst. Later, the evidence from the analysis is not usable in the prosecution of the attackers due to the uncertainty of tampering. Which of the following should the junior analyst have followed? 

A. Continuity of operations 
B. Chain of custody 
C. Order of volatility 
D. Data recovery 

Question # 23

Which of the following BEST represents a risk associated with merging two enterprisesduring an acquisition?

A. The consolidation of two different IT enterprises increases the likelihood of the data lossbecause there are now two backup systems
B. Integrating two different IT systems might result in a successful data breach if threatintelligence is not shared between the two enterprises
C. Merging two enterprise networks could result in an expanded attack surface and couldcause outages if trust and permission issues are not handled carefully
D. Expanding the set of data owners requires an in-depth review of all data classificationdecisions, impacting availability during the review

Question # 24

An organization is evaluating options related to moving organizational assets to a cloudbased environment using an IaaS provider. One engineer has suggested connecting a second cloud environment within the organization’s existing facilities to capitalize on available datacenter space and resources. Other project team members are concerned about such a commitment of organizational assets, and ask the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for input. The CSO explains that the project team should work with the engineer to evaluate the risks associated with using the datacenter to implement: 

A. a hybrid cloud. 
B. an on-premises private cloud. 
C. a hosted hybrid cloud. 
D. a private cloud. 

Question # 25

Which of the following describes a contract that is used to define the various levels of maintenance to be provided by an external business vendor in secure environment? 


Question # 26

A security analyst works for a defense contractor that produces classified research on drones. The contractor faces nearly constant attacks from sophisticated nation-state actors and other APIs. Which of the following would help protect the confidentiality of the research data? 

A. Use diverse components in layers throughout the architecture 
B. Implement non-heterogeneous components at the network perimeter 
C. Purge all data remnants from client devices' volatile memory at regularly scheduled intervals 
D. Use only in-house developed applications that adhere to strict SDLC security requirements 

Question # 27

A security engineer is investigating a compromise that occurred between two internal computers. The engineer has determined during the investigation that one computer infected another. While reviewing the IDS logs, the engineer can view the outbound callback traffic, but sees no traffic between the two computers. Which of the following would BEST address the IDS visibility gap? 

A. Install network taps at the edge of the network. 
B. Send syslog from the IDS into the SIEM. 
C. Install HIDS on each computer. 
D. SPAN traffic form the network core into the IDS. 

Question # 28

The legal department has required that all traffic to and from a company’s cloud-based word processing and email system is logged. To meet this requirement, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has implemented a next-generation firewall to perform inspection of the secure traffic and has decided to use a cloud-based log aggregation solution for all traffic that is logged. Which of the following presents a long-term risk to user privacy in this scenario? 

A. Confidential or sensitive documents are inspected by the firewall before being logged. 
B. Latency when viewing videos and other online content may increase. 
C. Reports generated from the firewall will take longer to produce due to more information from inspected traffic. 
D. Stored logs may contain non-encrypted usernames and passwords for personal websites. 

Question # 29

A company has decided to lower costs by conducting an internal assessment on specific devices and various internal and external subnets. The assessment will be done during regular office hours, but it must not affect any production servers. Which of the following would MOST likely be used to complete the assessment? (Select two.) 

A. Agent-based vulnerability scan 
B. Black-box penetration testing 
C. Configuration review 
D. Social engineering 
E. Malware sandboxing 
F. Tabletop exercise

Question # 30

A company contracts a security engineer to perform a penetration test of its client-facingweb portal. Which of the following activities would be MOST appropriate?

A. Use a protocol analyzer against the site to see if data input can be replayed from the browser
B. Scan the website through an interception proxy and identify areas for the code injection
C. Scan the site with a port scanner to identify vulnerable services running on the web server
D. Use network enumeration tools to identify if the server is running behind a load balancer 

Question # 31

A company uses an application in its warehouse that works with several commercially available tablets and can only be accessed inside the warehouse. The support department would like the selection of tablets to be limited to three models to provide better support and ensure spares are on hand. Users often keep the tablets after they leave the department, as many of them store personal media items. Which of the following should the security engineer recommend to meet these requirements? 

A. COPE with geofencing 
B. BYOD with containerization 
C. MDM with remote wipe 
D. CYOD with VPN 

Question # 32

Due to a recent breach, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has requested the followingactivities be conducted during incident response planning:Involve business owners and stakeholdersCreate an applicable scenarioConduct a biannual verbal review of the incident response planReport on the lessons learned and gaps identifiedWhich of the following exercises has the CEO requested?

A. Parallel operations
B. Full transition
C. Internal review
D. Tabletop
E. Partial simulation

Question # 33

When implementing a penetration testing program, the Chief Information Security Officer(CISO) designates different organizational groups within the organization as havingdifferent responsibilities, attack vectors, and rules of engagement. First, the CISOdesignates a team to operate from within the corporate environment. This team iscommonly referred to as:

A. the blue team.
B. the white team.
C. the operations team.
D. the read team.
E. the development team.

Question # 34

A forensic analyst suspects that a buffer overflow exists in a kernel module. The analystexecutes the following command:dd if=/dev/ram of=/tmp/mem/dmpThe analyst then reviews the associated output:^34^#AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA/bin/bash^21^03#45However, the analyst is unable to find any evidence of the running shell. Which of thefollowing of the MOST likely reason the analyst cannot find a process ID for the shell?

A. The NX bit is enabled
B. The system uses ASLR
C. The shell is obfuscated
D. The code uses dynamic libraries

Question # 35

A newly hired security analyst has joined an established SOC team. Not long after goingthrough corporate orientation, a new attack method on web-based applications was publiclyrevealed. The security analyst immediately brings this new information to the team lead,but the team lead is not concerned about it.Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the team lead’s position?

A. The organization has accepted the risks associated with web-based threats.
B. The attack type does not meet the organization’s threat model.
C. Web-based applications are on isolated network segments.
D. Corporate policy states that NIPS signatures must be updated every hour.

Question # 36

A systems administrator at a medical imaging company discovers protected health information (PHI) on a general purpose file server. Which of the following steps should the administrator take NEXT? 

A. Isolate all of the PHI on its own VLAN and keep it segregated at Layer 2 
B. Immediately encrypt all PHI with AES 256 
C. Delete all PHI from the network until the legal department is consulted 
D. Consult the legal department to determine legal requirements 

Question # 37

A security consultant was hired to audit a company’s password are account policy. Thecompany implements the following controls:Minimum password length: 16Maximum password age: 0Minimum password age: 0Password complexity: disabledStore passwords in plain text: disabledFailed attempts lockout: 3Lockout timeout: 1 hourThe password database uses salted hashes and PBKDF2. Which of the following is MOSTlikely to yield the greatest number of plain text passwords in the shortest amount of time?

A. Offline hybrid dictionary attack 
B. Offline brute-force attack
C. Online hybrid dictionary password spraying attack
D. Rainbow table attack
E. Online brute-force attack
F. Pass-the-hash attack

Question # 38

An online bank has contracted with a consultant to perform a security assessment of thebank’s web portal. The consultant notices the login page is linked from the main page withHTTPS, but when the URL is changed to HTTP, the browser is automatically redirectedback to the HTTPS site. Which of the following is a concern for the consultant, and how canit be mitigated?

A. XSS could be used to inject code into the login page during the redirect to the HTTPSsite. The consultant should implement a WAF to prevent this.
B. The consultant is concerned the site is using an older version of the SSL 3.0 protocolthat is vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Upgrading the site to TLS 1.0 would mitigate this issue.
C. The HTTP traffic is vulnerable to network sniffing, which could disclose usernames andpasswords to an attacker. The consultant should recommend disabling HTTP on the web server.
D. A successful MITM attack Could intercept the redirect and use sslstrip to decrypt furtherHTTPS traffic. Implementing HSTS on the web server would prevent this.

Question # 39

Which of the following is an external pressure that causes companies to hire security assessors and penetration testers? 

A. Lack of adequate in-house testing skills.
 B. Requirements for geographically based assessments 
C. Cost reduction measures 
D. Regulatory insistence on independent reviews.

Question # 40

At a meeting, the systems administrator states the security controls a company wishes to implement seem excessive, since all of the information on the company’s web servers can be obtained publicly and is not proprietary in any way. The next day the company’s website is defaced as part of an SQL injection attack, and the company receives press inquiries about the message the attackers displayed on the website. Which of the following is the FIRST action the company should take? 

A. Refer to and follow procedures from the company’s incident response plan. 
B. Call a press conference to explain that the company has been hacked. 
C. Establish chain of custody for all systems to which the systems administrator has access. 
D. Conduct a detailed forensic analysis of the compromised system. 
E. Inform the communications and marketing department of the attack details. 

Question # 41

Security policies that are in place at an organization prohibit USB drives from being utilized across the entire enterprise, with adequate technical controls in place to block them. As a way to still be able to work from various locations on different computing resources, several sales staff members have signed up for a web-based storage solution without the consent of the IT department. However, the operations department is required to use the same service to transmit certain business partner documents.Which of the following would BEST allow the IT department to monitor and control this behavior? 

A. Enabling AAA 
B. Deploying a CASB
 C. Configuring an NGFW 
D. Installing a WAF
 E. Utilizing a vTPM

Question # 42

One of the objectives of a bank is to instill a security awareness culture. Which of the following are techniques that could help to achieve this? (Choose two.) 

A. Blue teaming 
B. Phishing simulations 
C. Lunch-and-learn 
D. Random audits 
E. Continuous monitoring 
F. Separation of duties 

Question # 43

A security engineer is attempting to increase the randomness of numbers used in key generation in a system. The goal of the effort is to strengthen the keys against predictive analysis attacks. Which of the following is the BEST solution? 

A. Use an entropy-as-a-service vendor to leverage larger entropy pools. 
B. Loop multiple pseudo-random number generators in a series to produce larger numbers. 
C. Increase key length by two orders of magnitude to detect brute forcing. 
D. Shift key generation algorithms to ECC algorithms. 

Question # 44

While conducting a BIA for a proposed acquisition, the IT integration team found that bothcompanies outsource CRM services to competing and incompatible third-party cloudservices. The decision has been made to bring the CRM service in-house, and the IT teamhas chosen a future solution. With which of the following should the Chief InformationSecurity Officer (CISO) be MOST concerned? (Choose two.)

A. Data remnants
B. Sovereignty
C. Compatible services
D. Storage encryption
E. Data migration
F. Chain of custody

Question # 45

A security consultant is performing a penetration test on and wants todiscover the DNS administrator’s email address to use in a later social engineering attack.The information listed with the DNS registrar is private. Which of the following commandswill also disclose the email address?

A. dig –h
B. whois –f
C. nslookup –type=SOA
D. dnsrecon –i –t hostmaster

Question # 46

As a result of an acquisition, a new development team is being integrated into thecompany. The development team has BYOD laptops with IDEs installed, build servers, andcode repositories that utilize SaaS. To have the team up and running effectively, a separateInternet connection has been procured. A stand up has identified the following additional requirements:1. Reuse of the existing network infrastructure2. Acceptable use policies to be enforced3. Protection of sensitive files4. Access to the corporate applicationsWhich of the following solution components should be deployed to BEST meet therequirements? (Select three.)

C. Wireless controller
D. Rights management
H. Load balancer

Question # 47

A pharmacy gives its clients online access to their records and the ability to review bills and make payments. A new SSL vulnerability on a special platform was discovered, allowing an attacker to capture the data between the end user and the web server providing these services. After invest the new vulnerability, it was determined that the web services providing are being impacted by this new threat. Which of the following data types a MOST likely at risk of exposure based on this new threat? (Select TWO) 

A. Cardholder data 
B. intellectual property 
C. Personal health information 
D. Employee records 
E. Corporate financial data

Question # 48

A security engineer is attempting to convey the importance of including job rotation in a company’s standard security policies. Which of the following would be the BEST justification?

 A. Making employees rotate through jobs ensures succession plans can be implemented and prevents single point of failure. 
B. Forcing different people to perform the same job minimizes the amount of time malicious actions go undetected by forcing malicious actors to attempt collusion between two or more people. 
C. Administrators and engineers who perform multiple job functions throughout the day benefit from being cross-trained in new job areas. 
D. It eliminates the need to share administrative account passwords because employees gain administrative rights as they rotate into a new job area. 

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