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Cisco 350-801 Dumps

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Cisco 350-801 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which type of message must an administrator configure in the SIP Trunk Security Profile for a Message Waiting Indicator light to work with a SIP integration between Cisco UCM and Cisco Unity Connection?

A. TCP port 5060
B. SIP Register
C. Unsolicited NOTIFY
D. 200 OK 

Question # 2

A company hosts a conference call with no local users How does the administrator stop the conference from continuing? 

A. modifies the Block OffNet to OffNet Transfer service parameter
B. removes the transcoder
C. changes the codecs that are supported on the conference resource
D. modifies the Drop Ad Hoc Conference service parameter

Question # 3

Where is urgent priority enabled to bypass the T302 timer?

A. route partition
B. CTI port
C. directory number
D. transformation pattern 

Question # 4

A SIP phone has been configured in the system with MAC address 0030 96D2 D5CB The phone retrieves the configuration file from the Cisco UCM. Which naming format is the file that is downloaded?

A. SIPOO3O96D2D5CB.cnf.xml
B. SEP003096D2D5CB.cnf.xml 
C. SEP0030406706705.cnf
D. SIP0030406706705.cnf

Question # 5

Which characteristic of distributed class-based weighted fair queueing addresses jitter prevention?

A. lt provides additional granularity by allowing a user to create classes
B. It minimizes jitter by implementing a priority queue for voice traffic
C. It uses a priority queue for voice traffic to avoid jitter
D. It provides additional granularity by allowing a user to define custom classes

Question # 6

Where in Cisco UCM are codec negotiations configured for endpoints?

A. in enterprise parameters
B. under device profiles in device settings
C. under regions using preference lists
D. in in-service parameters 

Question # 7

In an eleven-class queueing model following Realtime. Best effort, and scavenger queuing rules. What recommended percentage of bandwidth must be allocated for interactive video?

A. 10%
B. 12%
C. 15%
D. 20%

Question # 8

What dialled numbers match this Cisco UCM route pattern?

A. 1200 through 1300 on1ly
B. 1200 through 1399 only
C. 12300 through 12399 only
D. 1230 through 1239 only

Question # 9

Which cisco collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote end points to leverage corporate on-premises cisco Unified communications infrastructure?

A. Cisco Webex
B. Cisco VPN Client
C. Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access
D. Cisco Umbrella

Question # 10

Which two steps are required for bulk configuration transactions on the Cisco UCM database utilizing BAT? (Choose two) 

A. A data file in comma-separated values format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM
B. A server template must be created in Cisco UCM.
C. A device template must be created in Cisco UCM.
D. A data file in Abstract Syntax Notation One format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM
E. A data file in Extensible Markup Language format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM 

Question # 11

Which IP precedence value maps to DSCP EF?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D. 5 

Question # 12

Which program is required to deploy the Cisco Jabber client on an on-premises Cisco collaboration solution?

A. Cisco Expressway-C
B. Cisco UCM IM and Presence
C. Cisco Unity Connection
D. Cisco UCM 

Question # 13

Which Cisco Collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote endpoints to leverage corporate on-premises Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure?

A. Cisco Webex
B. Cisco VPN Client
C. Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access
D. Cisco Umbrella 

Question # 14

Which two actions must be taken to provision a new device using self-provisioning?

A. Enable the self-provisioning IVR in the Cisco UCM
B. Import the user profile to the corporate LDAP directory.
C. Link the appropriate service profile to the provisioning template.
D. Link the appropriate universal device template to the user profile.
E. Ensure the user has a directory URI and a primary extension.

Question # 15

What are two features of Cisco Expressway that the customer gets if Expressway-C and Expressway-E are deployed? (Choose two.)

A. highly secure firewall-traversal technology to extend organizational reach
B. complete endpoint registration and monitoring capabilities for devices that are local and remote
C. session-based access to comprehensive collaboration for remote workers, without the need for a separate VPN client
D. additional visibility of the edge traffic in an organization
E. utilization and adoption metrics of all remotely connected devices 

Question # 16

A company has an excessive number of call transfers to local and long-distance PSTN from Cisco Unity Connection voicemail Which action in the Cisco Unity Connection restriction table resolves this issue?

A. Implement password complexity on voicemail boxes to prevent accounts from being compromised
B. Block PSTN patterns on Default Transfer. Default Outdial. and Default System Transfer
C. Create a custom restriction table ??????????? and block it
D. Create a custom restriction table *********** and Wock it

Question # 17

A collaboration engineer must optimize the dial plan within Cisco UCM. There are multiple remote sites. And each site has its own route patterns and local gateways. What should the engineer do on the cisco UCM to optimize the dial plan?

A. Configure a Standard Local Route Group to use a single route pattern for all calls within the cluster.
B. Create a centralized dial plan with a Cisco UCM Session Management Edition cluster or a Cisco gatekeeper.
C. Implement ILS with GDPR so the dial plan can dynamically replicate across clusters.
D. Leverage Cisco UCM Express as SRST so the phones can have more features of each remote site

Question # 18

An engineer must manually provision a Cisco IP Phone 8845 using SIP. Which two fields must be configured for a successful provision? (Choose two.)

A. Media resources group list
B. SIP profile
D. Location
E. Device security profile

Question # 19

An administrator configures Cisco UCM to use UDP for SIP signaling and finds that an endpoint cannot make calls Which action resolves this issue?

A. Change the phone security profile.
B. Change the SIP dial rules.
C. Change the SIP profile
D. Change the common phone profile. 

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