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Cisco 350-701 Dumps

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Cisco 350-701 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer is configuring cloud logging using a company-managed Amazon S3 bucket for Cisco Umbrella logs. What benefit does this configuration provide for accessing log data? 

A. It is included m the license cost for the multi-org console of Cisco Umbrella 
B. It can grant third-party SIEM integrations write access to the S3 bucket
 C. No other applications except Cisco Umbrella can write to the S3 bucket 
D. Data can be stored offline for 30 days. 

Question # 2

Email security has become a high priority task for a security engineer at a large multinational organization due to ongoing phishing campaigns. To help control this, the engineer has deployed an Incoming Content Filter with a URL reputation of (-10 00 to -6 00) on the Cisco ESA Which action will the system perform to disable any links in messages that match the filter?

A. Defang 
B. Quarantine
 C. FilterAction 
D. ScreenAction 

Question # 3

Client workstations are experiencing extremely poor response time. An engineer suspects that an attacker is eavesdropping and making independent connections while relaying messages between victims to make them think they are talking to each other over a private connection. Which feature must be enabled and configured to provide relief from this type of attack? 

A. Link Aggregation 
B. Reverse ARP 
C. private VLANs 
D. Dynamic ARP Inspection

Question # 4

Which two protocols must be configured to authenticate end users to the Web Security Appliance? (Choose two.)

 B. Kerberos 

Question # 5

Which action must be taken in the AMP for Endpoints console to detect specific MD5 signatures on endpoints and then quarantine the files?

A. Configure an advanced custom detection list. 
B. Configure an IP Block & Allow custom detection list 
C. Configure an application custom detection list 
D. Configure a simple custom detection list 

Question # 6

How does Cisco Workload Optimization portion of the network do EPP solutions solely performance issues?

A. It deploys an AWS Lambda system 
B. It automates resource resizing
 C. It optimizes a flow path 
D. It sets up a workload forensic score

Question # 7

Which Cisco Firewall solution requires zone definition? 

 B. Cisco AMP 
D. Cisco ASA 

Question # 8

Which Cisco DNA Center RESTful PNP API adds and claims a device into a workflow?

A. api/v1/fie/config 
B. api/v1/onboarding/pnp-device/import 
C. api/v1/onboarding/pnp-device 
D. api/v1/onboarding/workflow 

Question # 9

Which capability is provided by application visibility and control?

A. reputation filtering
B. data obfuscation 
C. data encryption 
D. deep packet inspection 

Question # 10

When network telemetry is implemented, what is important to be enabled across all network infrastructure devices to correlate different sources?

C. syslog 

Question # 11

What is a benefit of using Cisco Umbrella?

A. DNS queries are resolved faster. 
B. Attacks can be mitigated before the application connection occurs. 
C. Files are scanned for viruses before they are allowed to run.
 D. It prevents malicious inbound traffic. 

Question # 12

Which two criteria must a certificate meet before the WSA uses it to decrypt application traffic? (Choose two.)

A. It must include the current date. 
B. It must reside in the trusted store of the WSA. 
C. It must reside in the trusted store of the endpoint. 
D. It must have been signed by an internal CA. 
E. it must contain a SAN. 

Question # 13

A company has 5000 Windows users on its campus. Which two precautions should IT take to prevent WannaCry ransomware from spreading to all clients? (Choose two.) 

A. Segment different departments to different IP blocks and enable Dynamic ARp inspection on all VLANs 
B. Ensure that noncompliant endpoints are segmented off to contain any potential damage.
 C. Ensure that a user cannot enter the network of another department. 
D. Perform a posture check to allow only network access to (hose Windows devices that are already patched. 
E. Put all company users in the trusted segment of NGFW and put all servers to the DMZ segment of the Cisco NGFW. ni 

Question # 14

Email security has become a high priority task for a security engineer at a large multinational organization due to ongoing phishing campaigns. To help control this, the engineer has deployed an Incoming Content Filter with a URL reputation of (-10 00 to -6 00) on the Cisco ESA Which action will the system perform to disable any links in messages that match the filter? 

A. Defang 
B. Quarantine
 C. FilterAction 
D. ScreenAction 

Question # 15

What are two workloaded security models? (Choose two)

A. SaaS 
B. IaaS 
C. on-premises 
D. off-premises 
E. PaaS 

Question # 16

Which two configurations must be made on Cisco ISE and on Cisco TrustSec devices to force a session to be adjusted after a policy change is made? (Choose two)

A. posture assessment 
B. aaa authorization exec default local 
C. tacacs-server host key password 
D. aaa server radius dynamic-author 
E. CoA

Question # 17

Which open standard creates a framework for sharing threat intelligence in a machinedigestible format? 

A. OpenC2 
B. OpenlOC 
C. CybOX 

Question # 18

What is a characteristic of an EDR solution and not of an EPP solution?

A. stops all ransomware attacks 
B. retrospective analysis 
C. decrypts SSL traffic for better visibility 
D. performs signature-based detection 

Question # 19

What is the purpose of the Cisco Endpoint loC feature?

A. It provides stealth threat prevention.
 B. lt is a signature-based engine. 
C. lt is an incident response tool 
D. It provides precompromise detection.

Question # 20

An organization is implementing AAA for their users. They need to ensure that authorization is verified for every command that is being entered by the network administrator. Which protocol must be configured in order to provide this capability?


Question # 21

Which feature is used in a push model to allow for session identification, host reauthentication, and session termination?

A. AAA attributes 
B. CoA request 
C. AV pair 
D. carrier-grade NAT

Question # 22

How does Cisco AMP for Endpoints provide next-generation protection? 

A. It encrypts data on user endpoints to protect against ransomware. 
B. It leverages an endpoint protection platform and endpoint detection and response. 
C. It utilizes Cisco pxGrid, which allows Cisco AMP to pull threat feeds from threat intelligence centers. 
D. It integrates with Cisco FTD devices. 

Question # 23

Which two capabilities does an MDM provide? (Choose two.)

A. delivery of network malware reports to an inbox in a schedule 
B. unified management of mobile devices, Macs, and PCs from a centralized dashboard 
C. enforcement of device security policies from a centralized dashboard 
D. manual identification and classification of client devices 
E. unified management of Android and Apple devices from a centralized dashboard 

Question # 24

What are two benefits of using Cisco Duo as an MFA solution? (Choose two.) 

A. grants administrators a way to remotely wipe a lost or stolen device 
B. provides simple and streamlined login experience for multiple applications and users 
C. native integration that helps secure applications across multiple cloud platforms or onpremises environments
 D. encrypts data that is stored on endpoints
 E. allows for centralized management of endpoint device applications and configurations 

Question # 25

Which security solution is used for posture assessment of the endpoints in a BYOD solution?

A. Cisco FTD 
B. Cisco ASA 
C. Cisco Umbrella 
D. Cisco ISE

Question # 26

What are two characteristics of the RESTful architecture used within Cisco DNA Center? (Choose two.) 

A. REST uses methods such as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. 
B. REST codes can be compiled with any programming language. 
C. REST is a Linux platform-based architecture. 
D. The POST action replaces existing data at the URL path. 
E. REST uses HTTP to send a request to a web service. 

Question # 27

Which command is used to log all events to a destination colector

A. CiscoASA(config-pmap-c)#flow-export event-type flow-update destination 
B. CiscoASA(config-cmap)# flow-export event-type all destination 209.165.201. 
C. CiscoASA(config-pmap-c)#flow-export event-type all destination 
D. CiscoASA(config-cmap)#flow-export event-type flow-update destination 

Question # 28

Which open standard creates a framework for sharing threat intelligence in a machinedigestible format?

A. OpenC2 
B. OpenlOC 
C. CybOX 

Question # 29

During a recent security audit a Cisco IOS router with a working IPSEC configuration using IKEv1 was flagged for using a wildcard mask with the crypto isakmp key command The VPN peer is a SOHO router with a dynamically assigned IP address Dynamic DNS has been configured on the SOHO router to map the dynamic IP address to the host name of vpn In addition to the command crypto isakmp key Cisc425007536 hostname what other two commands are now required on the Cisco IOS router for the VPN to continue to function after the wildcard command is removed? (Choose two)

A. ip host vpn.sohoroutercompany.eom 
B. crypto isakmp identity hostname 
C. Add the dynamic keyword to the existing crypto map command 
D. fqdn 
E. ip name-server 

Question # 30

What is the process In DevSecOps where all changes In the central code repository are merged and synchronized?

A. CD 
B. EP 
C. CI 
D. QA 

Question # 31

Which algorithm is an NGE hash function?

B. SHA-1 
C. MD5 

Question # 32

Which function is performed by certificate authorities but is a limitation of registration authorities?

A. accepts enrollment requests 
B. certificate re-enrollment 
C. verifying user identity 
D. CRL publishing 

Question # 33

What is the purpose of a NetFlow version 9 template record?

A. It specifies the data format of NetFlow processes. 
B. It provides a standardized set of information about an IP flow. 
C. lt defines the format of data records. 
D. It serves as a unique identification number to distinguish individual data records

Question # 34

What is the term for the concept of limiting communication between applications or containers on the same node?

A. container orchestration 
B. software-defined access 
C. microservicing 
D. microsegmentation 

Question # 35

Which Cisco security solution stops exfiltration using HTTPS?

A. Cisco FTD 
B. Cisco AnyConnect 
C. Cisco CTA 
D. Cisco ASA 

Question # 36

A company identified a phishing vulnerability during a pentest What are two ways the company can protect employees from the attack? (Choose two.) 

A. using Cisco Umbrella
 B. using Cisco ESA 
C. using Cisco FTD 
D. using an inline IPS/IDS in the network 
E. using Cisco ISE 

Question # 37

An engineer is deploying Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints and wants to create a policy that prevents users from executing file named abc424952615.exe without quarantining that file What type of Outbreak Control list must the SHA.-256 hash value for the file be added to in order to accomplish this? 

A. Advanced Custom Detection 
B. Blocked Application 
C. Isolation 
D. Simple Custom Detection 

Question # 38

Which Cisco solution integrates Encrypted Traffic Analytics to perform enhanced visibility,promote compliance,shorten response times, and provide administrators with the information needed to provide educated and automated decisions to secure the environment?

A. Cisco DNA Center 
B. Cisco SDN 
C. Cisco ISE 
D. Cisco Security Compiance Solution 

Question # 39

Which type of data does the Cisco Stealthwatch system collect and analyze from routers, switches, and firewalls? 

B. syslog 
D. NetFlow

Question # 40

An engineer musí set up 200 new laptops on a network and wants to prevent the users from moving their laptops around to simplify administration Which switch port MAC address security setting must be used?

A. sticky 
B. static 
C. aging
 D. maximum 

Question # 41

What is a function of Cisco AMP for Endpoints? 

A. It detects DNS attacks 
B. It protects against web-based attacks 
C. It blocks email-based attacks 
D. It automates threat responses of an infected host 

Question # 42

Which feature requires that network telemetry be enabled?

A. per-interface stats
 B. SNMP trap notification 
C. Layer 2 device discovery 
D. central syslog system 

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