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Cisco 350-401 Dumps

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Cisco 350-401 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which technology enables a redundant supervisor engine to take over when the primary supervisor engine fails?

 A. NSF 
B. graceful restart 

Question # 2

Which two pieces of information are necessary to compute SNR? (Choose two.)

A. transmit power 
B. noise floor 
D. antenna gain 

Question # 3

Which technology enables a redundant supervisor engine to take over when the primary supervisor engine fails?

B. graceful restart 

Question # 4

Which Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism allows the network administrator to control the maximum rate of traffic received or sent on a given interface?

A. Policing 
B. Marking 
C. Queueing 
D. Classification 

Question # 5

By default, which virtual MAC address does HSRP group 41 use?

A. 0c:5e:ac:07:0c:29 
B. 00:05:0c:07:ac:41
 C. 004:41:73:18:84:29 
D. 00:00:0c:07:ac:29 

Question # 6

By default, which virtual MAC address does HSRP group 12 use?

A. 00 5e0c:07:ac:12
 B. 05:44:33:83:68:6c 
C. 00:00:0c:07:ac:0c 
D. 00:05:5e:00:0c:12 

Question # 7

Which collection contains the resources to obtain a list of fabric nodes through the vManage API?

A. device management 
B. administration 
C. device inventory 
D. monitoring 

Question # 8

An engineer is describing QoS to a client. Which two facts apply to traffic policing? (Choose two.) 

A. Policing adapts to network congestion by queuing excess traffic 
B. Policing should be performed as close to the destination as possible 
C. Policing drops traffic that exceeds the defined rate 
D. Policing typically delays the traffic, rather than drops it 
E. Policing should be performed as close to the source as possible 

Question # 9

In a Cisco SD-Access environment, which function is performed by the border node?

A. Connect uteri and devices to the fabric domain. 
B. Group endpoints into IP pools. 
C. Provide reachability information to fabric endpoints. 
D. Provide connectivity to traditional layer 3 networks. 

Question # 10

Why would a customer implement an on-premises solution instead of a cloud solution? 

A. On-premises Offers greater compliance for government regulations than cloud 
B. On-premises offers greater scalability than cloud. 
C. On-premises oilers shorter deployment time than cloud. 
D. On-premises is more secure man cloud. 

Question # 11

In which way are EIGRP and OSPF similar?

A. They both support unequal-cost load balancing 
B. They both support MD5 authentication for routing updates. 
C. They nave similar CPU usage, scalability, and network convergence times.
 D. They both support autosummarization 

Question # 12

What are two benefits of implementing a traditional WAN instead of an SD-WAN solution? (Choose two.)

A. comprehensive configuration standardization 
B. lower control plane abstraction 
C. simplify troubleshooting 
D. faster fault detection 
E. lower data plane overhead 

Question # 13

Which security measure mitigates a man-in-the-middle attack of a REST API?

A. SSL certificates
 B. biometric authentication 
C. password hash 
D. non repudiotion feature 

Question # 14

Which Python library is used to work with YANG data models via NETCONF? 

A. Postman
 B. requests 
C. nccllent 
D. cURL 

Question # 15

What is the function of vBond in a Cisco SD-WAN deployment? 

A. initiating connections with SD-WAN routers automatically 
B. pushing of configuration toward SD-WAN routers 
C. onboarding of SD-WAN routers into the SD-WAN overlay 
D. gathering telemetry data from SD-WAN routers

Question # 16

Which two methods are used to interconnect two Cisco SD-Access Fabric sites? (Choose two.) 

A. SD-Access transit 
B. fabric interconnect 
C. wireless transit 
D. IP-based transit
 E. SAN transit 

Question # 17

Which two methods are used to assign security group tags to the user in a Cisco Trust Sec architecture? (Choose two )

A. modular QoS 
B. policy routing 
C. web authentication 
 E. IEEE 802.1x 

Question # 18

Which authorization framework gives third-party applications limited access to HTTP services?

A. iPsec 
B. Basic Auth 
D. OAuth 2.0 

Question # 19

What is the purpose of the weight attribute in an EID-lo-RLOC mapping?

A. it indicates the preference for using LISP over native IP connectivity. 
B. it determines the administrative distance of LISP generated routes in the RIB 
C. It identifies the preferred RLOC address family. 
D. it indicates the load-balancing ratio between CTRs of 9m earns priority. 

Question # 20

Which two new security capabilities are introduced by using a next-generation firewall at the Internet edge? (Choose two.)

C. stateful packet inspection 
D. application-level inspection 
E. integrated intrusion prevention

Question # 21

An engineer must configure router R1 to validate user logins via RADIUS and fall back to the local user database if the RADIUS server is not available. Which configuration must be applied?

A. aaa authorization exec default radius local 
B. aaa authorization exec default radius 
C. aaa authentication exec default radius local 
D. aaa authentication exec default radius 

Question # 22

Which two steps are required for a complete Cisco DNA Center upgrade? (Choose two.) 

A. golden image selection 
B. automation backup 
C. proxy configuration 
D. application updates 
E. system update 

Question # 23

What does the destination MAC on the outer MAC header identify in a VXLAN packet?

A. thee emote spine 
B. the next hop
 C. the leaf switch 
D. the remote switch 

Question # 24

Which unit of measure is used to measure wireless RF SNR?

A. mW 
B. bBm 
C. dB 
D. dBi 

Question # 25

A network engineer wants to configure console access to a router without using AAA so that the privileged exec mode is entered directly after a user provides the correct login credentials. Which action achieves this goal? 

A. Configure login authentication privileged on line con 0. 
B. Configure a local username with privilege level 15. 
C. Configure privilege level 15 on line con 0. 
D. Configure a RADIUS or TACACS+ server and use it to send the privilege level. 

Question # 26

Which QoS queuing method transmits packets out of the interface in the order the packets arrive? 

A. custom 
B. weighted- fair
D. priority 

Question # 27

What does the Cisco DNA Center Authentication API provide?

A. list of global issues that are logged in Cisco DNA Center 
B. access token to make calls to Cisco DNA Center 
C. list of VLAN names 
D. dent health status 

Question # 28

What is one method for achieving REST API security?

A. using built-in protocols known as Web Services Security 
B. using a combination of XML encryption and XML signatures 
C. using a MD5 hash to verify the integrity 
D. using HTTPS and TLS encryption 

Question # 29

What is a characteristic of a traditional WAN? 

A. low complexity and high overall solution scale 
B. centralized reachability, security, and application policies 
C. operates over DTLS and TLS authenticated and secured tunnels 
D. united data plane and control plane 

Question # 30

Which LISP component decapsulates messages and forwards them to the map server responsible for the egress tunnel routers?

A. Ingress Tunnel Router 
B. Map Resolver 
C. Proxy ETR 
D. Router Locator 

Question # 31

When a DNS host record is configured for a new Cisco AireOS WLC, which hostname must be added to allow APs to successfully discover the WLC?


Question # 32

What is one being of implementing a data modetag language?

A. accuracy of the operations performed 
B. uses XML style of data formatting 
C. machine-oriented logic and language-facilitated processing. 
D. conceptual representation to simplify interpretation. 

Question # 33

What do Chef and Ansible have in common?

A. They rely on a declarative approach. 
B. They rely on a procedural approach. 
C. They use YAML as their primary configuration syntax. 
D. They are clientless architectures. 

Question # 34

An engineer must implement a configuration to allow a network administrator to connect to the console port of a router and authenticate over the network. Which command set should the engineer use?

A. aaa new-model aaa authentication login default enable 
B. aaa new-model aaa authentication login console local 
C. aaa new-model aaa authentication login console group radius 
D. aaa new-model aaa authentication enable default

Question # 35

Which device is responsible for finding EID-to-RLOC mappings when traffic is sent to a LISP-capable site?

A. map server 
B. map resolver 
C. ingress tunnel router 
D. egress tunnel router 

Question # 36

How does Cisco Express Forwarding switching differ from process switching on Cisco devices?

A. Cisco Express Forwarding switching uses adjacency tables built by the CDP protocol, and process switching uses the routing table. 
B. Cisco Express Forwarding switching uses dedicated hardware processors, and process switching uses the main processor. 
C. Cisco Express Forwarding swithing saves memory by storing adjacency tables in dedicated memory on the line cards, and process switching stores all tables in the main memory. 
D. Cisco Express Forwarding switching uses a proprietary protocol based on IS-IS for MAC address lookup, and process switching uses the MAC address table. 

Question # 37

Which element is unique to a Type 2 hypervisor?

A. memory
 C. host OS 
D. host hardware 

Question # 38

What is a characteristics of Cisco SD-WAN?

A. operates over DTLS/TLS authenticated and secured tunnels 
B. requires manual secure tunnel configuration 
C. uses unique per-device feature templates 
D. uses control connections between routers 

Question # 39

Which solution supports end to end line-rate encryption between two sites?

A. IPsec 
B. TrustSec 
C. MACseC 

Question # 40

Which two features are available only in next-generation firewalls? (Choose two.)

A. virtual private network 
B. deep packet inspection 
C. stateful inspection 
D. application awareness 
E. packet filtering 

Question # 41

Which action limits the total amount of memory and CPU that is used by a collection of VMs?

A. Place the collection of VMs in a resource pool.
 B. Place the collection of VMs in a vApp. 
C. Limit the amount of memory and CPU that is available to the cluster. 
D. Limit the amount of memory and CPU that is available to the individual VMs. 

Question # 42

What is a benefit of Cisco TrustSec in a multilayered LAN network design? 

A. Policy or ACLS are nor required. 
B. There is no requirements to run IEEE 802.1X when TrustSec is enabled on a switch port. 
C. Applications flows between hosts on the LAN to remote destinations can be encrypted. 
D. Policy can be applied on a hop-by-hop basis. 

Question # 43

Which mechanism can be used to enforce network access authentication against an AAA server if the endpoint does not support the 802.1X supplicant functionality?

A. private VLANs 
B. port security 
C. MAC Authentication Bypass 
D. MACsec

Question # 44

What does the statement print(format(0.8, '.0%')) display?

A. 80% 
B. 8% 
C. .08% 
D. 8.8% 

Question # 45

In a wireless network environment, what is calculated using the numerical values of the transmitter power level, cable loss, and antenna gain?

B. dBI 

Question # 46

How is traffic classified when using Cisco TrustSec technology?

A. with the VLAN 
B. with the MAC address
 C. with the IP address 
D. with the security group tag 

Question # 47

A switch is attached to router R1 on its gig 0/0 interface. Fort security reasons, you want to prevent R1 from sending OSPF hellos to the switch. Which command should be enabled to accomplish this? 

A. R1(config-router)#ip ospf hello disable 
B. R1(config-router)#ip ospf hello-interval 0 
C. R1(config)#passive-interface Gig 0/0 
D. R1(config-router)#passive-interface Gig 0/0 

Question # 48

What is one role of the VTEP in a VXLAN environment?

A. to forward packets to non-LISP sites 
B. to encapsulate the tunnel 
C. to maintain VLAN configuration consistency 
D. to provide EID-to-RLOC mapping 

Question # 49

Which device, in a LISP routing architecture, receives and de-encapsulates LISP traffic for endpoints within a LISP-capable site?

 B. ETR 

Question # 50

A company recently decided to use RESTCONF instead of NETCONF and many of their NETCONF scripts contain the operation (operation=”create”).Which RESTCONF operation must be used to replace these statements?


Question # 51

A customer has 20 stores located throughout a city. Each store has a single Cisco access point managed by a central WLC. The customer wants to gather analysis for users in each store. Which technique supports these requirements?

A. angle of arrival 
B. hyperlocation 
C. trilateration 
D. presence 

Question # 52

What is one characteristic of Cisco DNA Center and vManage northbound APIs?

A. They push configuration changes down to devices. 
B. They implement the RESTCONF protocol. 
C. They exchange XML-formatted content. 
D. They implement the NETCONF protocol. 

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