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Cisco 300-430 Dumps

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Cisco 300-430 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An IT administrator is managing a wireless network in which most devices are Apple iOS. A QoS issue must be addressed on the WLANs. Which configuration must be performed?

A. Enable Fastlane globally under Wireless > Access Points > Global Configuration.
B. Create a new AVC Profile named AUTOQOS-AVC-PROFILE and apply to all WLANs. 
C. Enable Fastlane under each WLAN setting.  
D. Enable WMM TSPEC/TCLAS negotiation under Wireless > Advanced.  

Question # 2

An engineer added more APs to newly renovated areas in building. The engineer is now receiving Out-of-Sync alarms on Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Which two actions resolve this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Manually synchronize from Cisco Prime Infrastructure. 
B. Manually synchronize from MSE.
C. Enable automatic synchronization on Cisco Prime Infrastructure. 
D. Enable automatic synchronization on MSE. 
E. Add new APs to maps on Cisco Prime Infrastructure. 

Question # 3

An engineer has many different WLANs on a WLC but does not want to broadcast them to every AP in the building. Which group must be configured on the WLC to allow different WLANs on the different APs without creating new interfaces?

B. interface group
C. mobility group
D. AP group

Question # 4

A network engineer must segregate all IPads on the guest WLAN to a separate VLAN. Howdoes the engineer accomplish this task without using Cisco ISE?

A. Create a local policy on the WLC. 
B. Use 802.1x authentication to profile the devices.
C. Use an mDNS profile for the iPad device.
D. Enable RADIUS DHCP profiling on the WLAN. 

Question # 5

A network is set up to support wired and wireless clients. Both types must authenticate using 802.1X before connecting to the network. Different types of client authentication must be separated on a Cisco ISE deployment. Which two configuration items achieve this task? (Choose two.) 

A. device profiles
B. policy sets 
C. separate networks
D. policy groups 
E. policy results 

Question # 6

An engineer has configured Media Stream on the WLC and must guarantee at least 2 Mbps stream per user. Which RRC template should the engineer use? 

A. coarse
B. medium
C. low 
D. ordinary 

Question # 7

A Cisco 8540 WLC manages Cisco Aironet 4800 Series Aps and send AoA data to a Cisco CMX 3375 Appliance for Hyperlocation. The load from the WLC is distributed to another virtual CMX server using CMX grouping. The virtual CMX server shows location RSSI data and not Hyperlocation. No AoA metrics are shown on the metrics page of the CMX virtual appliance under System > Metrics > Location Metrics. How must the network administrator resolve this issue?

A. Enable Wireless > Access Points > Global configuration > Enable Hyperlocation on the WLC.
B. Enable the HALO module on the CMX appliance for the data collection.
C. Allow port 2003 for AoA packets to flow through between the CMX appliances.
D. Use one Hyperlocation-enabled WLC and CMX for AoA data. 

Question # 8

An engineer must configure MSE to provide guests access using social media authentication. Which service does the engineer configure so that guests use Facebook credentials to authenticate?

A. Social Connect 
B. Client Connect 
C. Visitor Connect
D. Guest Connect

Question # 9

A company is collecting the requirements for an on-premises event. During the event, a wireless client connected to a dedicated WLAN will run a video application that will need on average 391595179 bits per second to function properly. What is the QoS marking that needs to be applied to that WLAN? 

A. Platinum
B. Gold
C. Silver
D. Bronze 

Question # 10

Which condition introduce security risk to a BYOD policy?

A. enterprise-managed MDM platform used for personal devices
B. access to LAN without implementing MDM solution
C. enforcement of BYOD access to internet only network
D. enterprise life-cycle enforcement of personal device refresh

Question # 11

An engineer is in the process of implementing Fastiane on a wireless network with a Mobility Express AP installed and Apple end-user devices. Due to a security concern, the IT department has updated all the iPads to version 14.5.423551943. Which QoS profile must the engineer configure on the user WLAN? 

A. Platinum 
B. Best Effort
C. Bronze
D. Silver

Question # 12

The Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold is currently set to -50 dBm. After reviewing the wireless user location, discrepancies have been noticed. To improve the Cisco Hyperlocation accuracy, an engineer attempts to change the detection threshold to -100 dBm. However, the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller does not allow this change to be applied. What actions should be taken to resolve this issue?

A. Disable Cisco Hyperlocation, change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold, and then enable it.
B. Create a new profile on Cisco CMX with the new Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and apply it on the WLAN. 
C. Place the APs to monitor mode, shutdown the radios, and then change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold.
D. Shutdown all radios on the controller, change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and enable the radios again. 

Question # 13

An engineer is in the process of implementing Fastlane on a wireless network with a Mobility Express AP installed. The network must support voice and video applications for Apple devices. Due to a security concern, all iPhones are updated to version 14.5.432302546. Which QoS profile must the engineer configure on the user WLAN? 

A. Bronze
B. Best Effort
C. Silver 
D. Platinum

Question # 14

An engineer is planning an image upgrade of the WLC, and hundreds of APs are spreadacross remote sites with limited WAN bandwidth. The engineer must minimize the WAN utilization for this upgrade. Which approach must be used for the AP image upgrade?

A. Predownload the new code to the APs
B. Use the Smart AP image upgrade feature.
C. Allow the APs to download their code after WLC reboot. 
D. Execute parallel TFTP code upgrade on the APs via SSH. 

Question # 15

An engineer is configuring a BYOD deploymernt strategy and prefers a single SSID model. Which technology is required to accomplish this configuration?

A. mobility service engine 
B. wireless control system 
C. identify service engine
D. Prime Infrastructure

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