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Cisco 300-420 Dumps

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Cisco 300-420 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company needs to increase access port capacity on one floor of a building. They want to leverage the existing catalyst access switch. There is no problem with uplink bandwidth capacity. However, no additional uplinks can be added because no ports are available on the distribution switches. Which solution must the company choose to provide additional access ports?

C. Etherchannel
D. Stackwise

Question # 2

Which information update is carried by OMP and enables the Cisco SD-WAN to build a secure overlay fabric on top of any public or private transport without regard for the actual link IP?


Question # 3

Since installing a cisco TelePresence system, the company is experiencing other application having response issues when the system in use. As a result, the company asked an architect to recommend a QoS solution. The customer is currently using a CBWFQ policy to manage traffic on an internet connection with a speed of 100 Mbps. Which link-capacity limit must the architect choose for strict-priority for the real-time traffic?

A. 25 Mbps
B. 50 Mbps
C. 33 Mbps
D. 75 Mbps

Question # 4

In a cisco SD-Access brownfield deployment scenario, which configuration deployment must be taken with Cisco DNA center? 

A. Subnet stretching
B. LAN automation
C. Automated UNDERLAY
D. Manual underlay

Question # 5

An engineer must peer with an ISP for internet connectivity using BGP, initially, the engineer wants to receive only specific prefixes from the ISP and a default route. However, the solution must provide the flexibility to add prefixes in the future at short notice. The ISP has a two-week change process in place. Which route filtering solution must the engineer employ?

A. Request a limited internet routing table and a default route from the ISP and configure the BGP max-limit to 1 with an access list that permits only the specific internet prefixes and blocked networks
B. Request only the required prefixes and default route be advertised from the ISO with whitelisted networks
C. Request a full internet routing table and a default route from the ISP and configure inbound route filtering with a prefix list that permits the default route and required prefixes
D. Configure outbound route filtering on the enterprise and ISP so that the enterprise tell the ISP which prefixes are required

Question # 6

An engineer is designing a BGP network for a large customer. To permit efficient scaling, the BGP domain is split into clusters. Which peering solution should be used between the route reflectors in different clusters for the BGP routes to be propagated appropriately?

A. The route reflectors should be made dents of each other.
B. The route reflectors should be nonclients with regards to each other.
C. The route reflectors should not have any kind of BGP peering.
D. The route reflectors should have peering through another nonclient router.

Question # 7

An engineer must design a routing solution for a company that is single-homed to an ISP. The company's goal is to run BGP between theCEand the PE devices. To support running BGP, the company obtained a public AS number and IP subnet from ARIN. Which solution must the engineer select?

A. The customer announces the public IP subnet to the ISPThe ISP announces the default route to the customer.
B.The customer announces the public IP subnet to the ISPThe ISP announces the BGP table to the customer
C. The ISP announces the customer public IP subnet.The ISP announces the partial BGP table to the customer.
D. The customer announces the default route to the ISPThe ISP announces the default route to the customer

Question # 8

A company plans to transition to IPv6. They will link their IPv4 addresses to the lowest significant bits of the new Ipv6 addresses. A network administrator with an employee id: 4264:42:116 is preparing a mapping schema for the new IPv6 addresses. Which address does the network translate to?

A. 2001:db8:abcd::ac10:a00/120
B. 2001:db8:abcd:172:16:10::/96
C. 2001:db8:abcd:11d8:a00/120
D. 2001:db8:ac10:0a00::/64

Question # 9

Which two overlay network design considerations must be made for a Cisco SD-Access network? (Choose two.)

A. LAN automation for deployment
B. Layer 3 to the access design
C. Reduce subnets and simplify DHCP management
D. Dedicated IGP process for the fabric
E. Avoid overlapping IP subnets

Question # 10

Which WAN connectivity technology is optimal for edge computing compared to others and why?

A. Due to low latency, high bandwidth, and closest proximity to the user. 4G/5G connectivity is the optimal WAN technology for edge computing compared to L3 VPN MPLS connectivity, which offers native separation and security with close proximity to the data center.
B. Due to high bandwidth, separation and security, and proximity to the data center network. DWDM Is the optimal WAN technology lor edge computing compared to 4G/5G connectivity, which offers native separation and security with close proximity to the data center.
C. Due to low latency, high bandwidth, and closest proximity to the user, L3 VPN MPLS connectivity is the optimal WAN technology for edge computing compared to 4G/5G connectivity, which offers native separation and security with close proximity to the data center.
D. Due to low cost, high bandwidth, low latency, and closest proximity to the edge of the network, Mero Ethernet is the optimal WAN technology for edge computing compared to MPLS, which offers native separation and security with close proximity to the data center.

Question # 11

A customer plans to adopt distributed QoS in their enterprise WAN. The policy must allow for individual packet marking according to the type of treatment required and for forwarding based on hop-by-hop treatment locally defined on each device. Which technology must the customer select?

D. IntServ

Question # 12

An engineer is designing a network for a customer running a wireless network with a common VLAN for all APs. The customer is experiencing unicast flooding in the Layer 2 network between the aggregation and access layers. The customer wants to reduce the flooding and improve convergence time. Which solution meets these requirements?

A. Migrate all APs to a common Layer 2 access layer switch and run Layer 3 from the aggregation layer to all remaining access layer switches.
B. Align HSRP primary and STP root bridges and reduce ARP timers to match CAM timers on the aggregation layer switches.
C. Migrate to a Layer 3 access campus design if the APs can run on separate VLANs.
D. Align HSRP primary and STP root bridges if the APs cannot run on separate VLANs.

Question # 13

Which two functions is the Cisco SD-Access Edge Node responsible for? (Choose two.)

A. Act as anycast layer 3 gateway
B. Advertise EID subnets
C. Map users to virtual network
D. Act as LISP proxy tunnel router
E. Route and transport IP traffic

Question # 14

Which queuing structure is used on SD-WAN Edge routers?

C. 1P-4Q-2T
D. Priority

Question # 15

An architect must create a QoS solution for a customer to ensure that a 40 Mbps Internet connection is shared between four subnets based on these requirements:* Each subnet must receive no less than 10 Mbps of download bandwidth during peak traffic times.* A subnet can use up to 40 Mbps during nonpeak traffic times if the other subnets are idle.* Download traffic must never experience a delay.Which solution must the architect choose?

A. rate-limiting and shaping
B. bandwidth percentage and policing
C. shaping and policing
D. bandwidth percentage and rate-limiting

Question # 16

Which function does the Cisco SD-Access intermediate node perform?

A. Act as LISP proxy tunnel router.
B. Route and transport IP traffic.
C. Act as an anycast Layer 3 gateway.
D. Map users to a virtual network.

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