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Cisco 200-901 Dumps

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Cisco 200-901 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Developer is working on a new feature and made changes on a branch named ‘branch-413667549a-new’. When merging the branch to production, conflicts occurred. Which Git command must the developer use to recreate the pre-merge state? 

git merge -no-edit
git merge -commit 
git merge -revert 
git merge -abort 

Question # 2

Which TCP port is used to connect to a network device by using Telnet? 


Question # 3

What is a comparison of YAML and JSON? 

YAML has a more consistent approach to representing data compared to JSON.
JSON does not support comments and YAML does. 
YAML is a more verbose data structure compared to JSON. 
JSON has more common usage in configuration management tools compared to YAML. 

Question # 4

Which IP service is used to monitor the performance of network devices? 


Question # 5

A developer pushes an application to production. The application receives a webhook over HTTPS without a secret. The webhook information contains credentials to service in cleartext. When the information is received, it is stored in the database with an SHA-256 hash. Credentials to the database are accessed at runtime through the use of a vault service. While troubleshooting, the developer sets the logging to debug to view the message from the webhook. What is the security issue in this scenario?

Database credentials should be accessed by using environment variables defined at runtime. 
During the transport of webhook messages, the credentials could be unencrypted and leaked. 
During logging, debugging should be disabled for the webhook message. 
Hashing the credentials in the database is not secure enough; the credentials should be encrypted. 

Question # 6

A file in a local Git repository has been updated and issued the git add . command. The git diff command has been run to compare the changes to the previous commit, but nothing shows. Which action identifies the problem?

Run the git add . command again in the correct subdirectory to ensure changes added to the staging area. 
Run the git commit command before the differences are compared to receive the end state of the code. 
Run the git status command to see the differences between current and previous code review stages. 
Run the git diff --staged command to compare the code added to the staging area.

Question # 7

What is the meaning of the HTTP status code 204? 

request completed; new resource created 
server successfully processed request; no content returned 
standard response for successful requests 
invalid query parameters 

Question # 8

A developer has experienced security issues with a previously developed application. The API offered by that application is open and without any constraints. During a recent attack, the application was overloaded with API requests. To address this issue, an API constraint is implemented to protect the application from future attacks or any sudden throttling. Which API constraint must the application developer implement in this situation? 

rate limiting 
payload limiting 

Question # 9

What is a capability of the AXL API? 

It signs a user in to a phone that is configured for extension mobility. 
It pulls logs for the Cisco Tomcat service. 
It authenticates users who exist in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 
It provides support for HTTP and HTTPS communications. 

Question # 10

Which technology is responsible for resolving a host name to an IP address? 


Question # 11

What is the purpose of running tests before writing code in test-driven development? 

to find unexpected failures in the tests 
to demonstrate that the tests fail for expected reasons 
to ensure that the tests pass 
to provide proof of the work carried out 

Question # 12

A team of developers is responsible for a network orchestration application in the company. The responsibilities also include: developing and improving the application in a continuous manner deployment of the application and management of CI/CD frameworks monitoring the usage and problems and managing the performance improvements Which principle best describes this DevOps practice?

responsible for IT operations 
automation of processes 
end-to-end responsibility 
quality assurance checks 

Question # 13

A company deploys an application via containers in its local data center. As soon as the application goes into production, it starts to crash at specific hours of the day. After investigation, it is concluded that the crashes are due to too many users accessing the application simultaneously. The spikes must be addressed and allow for future growth without discarding the investment already made. Which deployment model must be used? 

hybrid cloud 
private cloud 
public cloud

Question # 14

Which API is used to obtain data voicemail ports? 

Finesse gadgets 
Cisco Unified Communications manager 
Webex devices 
Webex teams 

Question # 15

In which situation would an edge computing solution be used? 

where low latency is needed 
where high CPU throughput is needed 
where fast memory is needed 
where high disk space is needed 

Question # 16

What is the purpose of a firewall in application deployment? 

adds TLS support to an application that does not support it natively 
forwards traffic to a pool of instances of the application 
provides translation for an application's hostname to its IP address 
limits traffic to only ports required by the application 

Question # 17

Which two commands download and execute an Apache web server container in Docker with a port binding 8080 in the container to 80 on the host? (Choose two.)

docker pull apache 
docker run -p 8080:80 httpd 
docker run -p 80:8080 httpd 
docker pull httpd 
docker pull https 

Question # 18

A developer has addressed a bug that was found in the production code of an application. A separate file named ‘bug427896191v_fix” has been created with the changes to the code. Which Git command must be used to incorporate the bug fix into the production code? 

git rebase 
git cat-file 
git merge-file
git bisert 

Question # 19

Which Cisco platform is used to manage data center infrastructure through third-party tools and system integrations? 

Cisco DNA Center 
Cisco UCS Manager 
Cisco Intersight 
Cisco UCS Director 

Question # 20

Which function does a router provide to a network? 

broadcast domain segmentation 
unique host on a Layer 3 network 
unique hardware address for every node on a LAN 
broadcast domain extension 

Question # 21

A developer completed the creation of a script using Git. Before delivering it to the customer, the developer wants to be sure about all untracked files, without losing any information. Which command gathers this information?

git clean –n 
git rm –f 
git clean –r
git rm * 

Question # 22

A customer's cloud services must:Migrate services to another data center on demand. Save the operational state of the machine on demand. Support Windows and Linux GUIs. Maximize hardware utilization. Which type of deployment meets these requirements?  

bare metal 
virtual machine 

Question # 23

A developer is working on a new feature in a branch named 'newfeat123456789' and the current working primary branch is named 'prim987654321'. The developer requires a merge commit during a fast forward merge for record-keeping purposes. Which Git command must be used?

git merge --no-ff newfeat123456789 
git commit --no-ff newfeat123456789 
git add --commit-ff newfeat123456789 
git reset --commit-ff newfeat123456789 

Question # 24

What is a benefit of version control? 

prevents two users from working on the same file 
keeps track of all changes to the files 
prevents the sharing of files 
keeps the list of data types used in the files 

Question # 25

Users cannot access a webserver and after the traffic is captured, the capture tool snows an ICMP packet that reports "time exceeded in-transit". What is the cause of this webserver access issue? 

The large distance between the server and the users means that the packets require too much time to reach the destination. 
A router along the path is misrouting the packets in a wrong direction. 
A router along the path has the wrong time. 
The server is overloaded and the connection was not able to be processed in time. 

Question # 26

Which network constraint causes the performance of the application to decrease as the number of users accessing the application increases? 


Question # 27

A developer is developing a web application that uses username and password to authenticate to the next service. The user credentials must be available at any time in the application. The developer must choose and implement a secure method of storing the authentication credentials that are used in the automation code. Which password handling method must be used to minimize the security risk?

Store the username and password in a separate configuration file. 
Store the username and password in a vault. 
Store the passwords in a dictionary. 
Store the username and password in code. 

Question # 28

What is a benefit of using functions in the code for the development process?

better user experience in the end product 
improves code performance 
easier to compile the code 
fester code development 

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