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Eccouncil 312-50v10 Dumps

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Eccouncil 312-50v10 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which of the following tools can be used for passive OS fingerprinting? 

A. tcpdump 
B. nmap 
C. ping 
D. tracert 

Question # 2

Session splicing is an IDS evasion technique in which an attacker delivers data in multiple, smallsized packets to the target computer, making it very difficult for an IDS to detect the attack signatures.Which tool can be used to perform session splicing attacks?

A. Whisker 
B. tcpsplice 
C. Burp 
D. Hydra 

Question # 3

A hacker has managed to gain access to a Linux host and stolen the password file from /etc/passwd. How can he use it? 

A. The password file does not contain the passwords themselves. 
B. He can open it and read the user ids and corresponding passwords. 
C. The file reveals the passwords to the root user only. 
D. He cannot read it because it is encrypted. 

Question # 4

Which of the following is one of the most effective ways to prevent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) flaws in software applications?

A. Validate and escape all information sent to a server 
B. Use security policies and procedures to define and implement proper security settings 
C. Verify access right before allowing access to protected information and UI controls 
D. Use digital certificates to authenticate a server prior to sending data 

Question # 5

Which of these options is the most secure procedure for storing backup tapes? 

A. In a climate controlled facility offsite 
B. On a different floor in the same building 
C. Inside the data center for faster retrieval in a fireproof safe 
D. In a cool dry environment 

Question # 6

The company ABC recently discovered that their new product was released by the opposition before their premiere. They contract an investigator who discovered that the maid threw away papers with confidential information about the new product and the opposition found it in the garbage. What is the name of the technique used by the opposition? 

A. Hack attack 
B. Sniffing 
C. Dumpster diving 
D. Spying 

Question # 7

What term describes the amount of risk that remains after the vulnerabilities are classified and the countermeasures have been deployed?

A. Residual risk 
B. Inherent risk 
C. Deferred risk 
D. Impact risk 

Question # 8

An attacker is using nmap to do a ping sweep and a port scanning in a subnet of 254 addresses. In which order should he perform these steps?

A. The sequence does not matter. Both steps have to be performed against all hosts. 
B. First the port scan to identify interesting services and then the ping sweep to find hosts responding to icmp echo requests. 
C. First the ping sweep to identify live hosts and then the port scan on the live hosts. This way he saves time. 
D. The port scan alone is adequate. This way he saves time. 

Question # 9

Rebecca commonly sees an error on her Windows system that states that a Data Execution Prevention (DEP) error has taken place. Which of the following is most likely taking place?

A. A race condition is being exploited, and the operating system is containing the malicious process
B. A page fault is occurring, which forces the operating system to write data from the hard drive. 
C. Malware is executing in either ROM or a cache memory area. 
D. Malicious code is attempting to execute instruction in a non-executable memory region. 

Question # 10

A network administrator discovers several unknown files in the root directory of his Linux FTP server. One of the files is a tarball, two are shell script files, and the third is a binary file is named "nc." The FTP server's access logs show that the anonymous user account logged in to the server, uploaded the files, and extracted the contents of the tarball and ran the script using a function provided by the FTP server's software. The ps command shows that the nc file is running as process, and the netstat command shows the nc process is listening on a network port.What kind of vulnerability must be present to make this remote attack possible? 

A. File system permissions 
B. Privilege escalation 
C. Directory traversal
 D. Brute force login 

Question # 11

A large mobile telephony and data network operator has a data that houses network elements. These are essentially large computers running on Linux. The perimeter of the data center is secured with firewalls and IPS systems. What is the best security policy concerning this setup?

A. Network elements must be hardened with user ids and strong passwords. Regular security tests and audits should be performed. 
B. As long as the physical access to the network elements is restricted, there is no need for additional measures. 
C. There is no need for specific security measures on the network elements as long as firewalls and IPS systems exist. 
D. The operator knows that attacks and down time are inevitable and should have a backup site.

Question # 12

The "white box testing" methodology enforces what kind of restriction? 

A. The internal operation of a system is completely known to the tester. 
B. Only the external operation of a system is accessible to the tester. 
C. Only the internal operation of a system is known to the tester. 
D. The internal operation of a system is only partly accessible to the tester. 

Question # 13

What does a firewall check to prevent particular ports and applications from getting packets into an organization? 

A. Transport layer port numbers and application layer headers 
B. Presentation layer headers and the session layer port numbers 
C. Network layer headers and the session layer port numbers 
D. Application layer port numbers and the transport layer headers

Question # 14

Which of these is capable of searching for and locating rogue access points? 


Question # 15

Which of the following statements regarding ethical hacking is incorrect? 

A. Ethical hackers should never use tools or methods that have the potential of exploiting vulnerabilities in an organization's systems. 
B. Testing should be remotely performed offsite. 
C. An organization should use ethical hackers who do not sell vendor hardware/software or other consulting services. 
D. Ethical hacking should not involve writing to or modifying the target systems. 

Question # 16

Which of the following is considered an exploit framework and has the ability to perform automated attacks on services, ports, applications and unpatched security flaws in a computer system?

A. Wireshark 
B. Maltego 
C. Metasploit 
D. Nessus 

Question # 17

Attempting an injection attack on a web server based on responses to True/False questions is called which of the following? 

A. Blind SQLi 
B. DMS-specific SQLi 
C. Classic SQLi 
D. Compound SQLi 

Question # 18

What is the most common method to exploit the “Bash Bug” or “ShellShock" vulnerability?

A. Through Web servers utilizing CGI (Common Gateway Interface) to send a malformed environment variable to a vulnerable Web server
B. Manipulate format strings in text fields
D. SYN Flood

Question # 19

Craig received a report of all the computers on the network that showed all the missing patches and weak passwords. What type of software generated this report?

A. a port scanner 
B. a vulnerability scanner 
C. a virus scanner 
D. a malware scanner 

Question # 20

You are the Systems Administrator for a large corporate organization. You need to monitor all network traffic on your local network for suspicious activities and receive notifications when an attack is occurring. Which tool would allow you to accomplish this goal? 

A. Network-based IDS 
B. Firewall 
C. Proxy 
D. Host-based IDS 

Question # 21

Which of the following is a protocol specifically designed for transporting event messages? 


Question # 22

A company's Web development team has become aware of a certain type of security vulnerability in their Web software. To mitigate the possibility of this vulnerability being exploited, the team wants to modify the software requirements to disallow users from entering HTML as input into their Web application. What kind of Web application vulnerability likely exists in their software? 

A. Cross-site scripting vulnerability 
B. Cross-site Request Forgery vulnerability 
C. SQL injection vulnerability 
D. Web site defacement vulnerability

Question # 23

Internet Protocol Security IPSec is actually a suite of protocols. Each protocol within the suite provides different functionality. Collective IPSec does everything except. 

A. Protect the payload and the headers 
B. Authenticate 
C. Encrypt 
D. Work at the Data Link Layer 

Question # 24

You want to do an ICMP scan on a remote computer using hping2. What is the proper syntax? 

A. hping2 
B. hping2 --set-ICMP 
C. hping2 -i 
D. hping2 -1 

Question # 25

What is the correct process for the TCP three-way handshake connection establishment and connection termination?

A. Connection Establishment: FIN, ACK-FIN, ACKConnection Termination: SYN, SYNACK, ACK 
B. Connection Establishment: SYN, SYN-ACK, ACKConnection Termination: ACK, ACK SYN, SYN 
C. Connection Establishment: ACK, ACK-SYN, SYNConnection Termination: FIN, ACKFIN, ACK 
D. Connection Establishment: SYN, SYN-ACK, ACKConnection Termination: FIN, ACKFIN, ACK 

Question # 26

In Risk Management, how is the term "likelihood" related to the concept of "threat?" 

A. Likelihood is the probability that a threat-source will exploit a vulnerability. 
B. Likelihood is a possible threat-source that may exploit a vulnerability. 
C. Likelihood is the likely source of a threat that could exploit a vulnerability. 
D. Likelihood is the probability that a vulnerability is a threat-source. 

Question # 27

Which of the following is considered the best way to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Web application vulnerabilities?

A. Use cryptographic storage to store all PII 
B. Use encrypted communications protocols to transmit PII 
C. Use full disk encryption on all hard drives to protect PII 
D. Use a security token to log into all Web applications that use PII 

Question # 28

Which of the following tools is used to analyze the files produced by several packet-capture programs such as tcpdump, WinDump, Wireshark, and EtherPeek?

A. tcptrace 
B. tcptraceroute 
C. Nessus 
D. OpenVAS 

Question # 29

Which of the following security operations is used for determining the attack surface of an organization?

A. Running a network scan to detect network services in the corporate DMZ 
B. Training employees on the security policy regarding social engineering 
C. Reviewing the need for a security clearance for each employee 
D. Using configuration management to determine when and where to apply security patches 

Question # 30

An attacker with access to the inside network of a small company launches a successful STP manipulation attack. What will he do next?

A. He will create a SPAN entry on the spoofed root bridge and redirect traffic to his computer. 
B. He will activate OSPF on the spoofed root bridge. 
C. He will repeat the same attack against all L2 switches of the network. 
D. He will repeat this action so that it escalates to a DoS attack. 

Question # 31

A new wireless client is configured to join a 802.11 network. This client uses the same hardware and software as many of the other clients on the network. The client can see the network, but cannot connect. A wireless packet sniffer shows that the Wireless Access Point (WAP) is not responding to the association requests being sent by the wireless client.What is a possible source of this problem? 

A. The WAP does not recognize the client’s MAC address 
B. The client cannot see the SSID of the wireless network 
C. Client is configured for the wrong channel 
D. The wireless client is not configured to use DHCP 

Question # 32

Which protocol is used for setting up secured channels between two devices, typically in VPNs?


Question # 33

You are an Ethical Hacker who is auditing the ABC company. When you verify the NOC one of the machines has 2 connections, one wired and the other wireless. When you verify the configuration of this Windows system you find two static routesroute add mask add mask is the main purpose of those static routes?

A. Both static routes indicate that the traffic is external with different gateway.
B. The first static route indicates that the internal traffic will use an external gateway and the second static route indicates that the traffic will be rerouted.
C. Both static routes indicate that the traffic is internal with different gateway.
D. The first static route indicates that the internal addresses are using the internal gateway and the second static route indicates that all the traffic that is not internal must go to an external gateway.

Question # 34

A penetration test was done at a company. After the test, a report was written and given to the company's IT authorities. A section from the report is shown below:According to the section from the report, which of the following choice is true?

A. MAC Spoof attacks cannot be performed. 
B. Possibility of SQL Injection attack is eliminated. 
C. A stateful firewall can be used between intranet (LAN) and DMZ. 
D. There is access control policy between VLANs. 

Question # 35

The establishment of a TCP connection involves a negotiation called 3 way handshake. What type of message sends the client to the server in order to begin this negotiation?


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